Formula and Keys to Understand the Book of Revelation

How to understand “last days” Bible prophecy? If you are a Bible Literalist. Spiritual lessons and similes abound, but this concerns the Literal reading of God’s Word. With that in mind, here’s a formula I think works best. There are three things to remember.

1. There has to be at least some understanding of the Bible, which is God’s Word(s) and 2. of the world around us – of today. Then 3. add to that – logic.

So here’s the formula:

Bible + today’s world + logic = Bible prophecy

Or at least a better chance of understanding it.

And here’s three keys, absolutely critical to understanding the Book of Revelation:

{I always want to divide these things up into little bites (bytes?) but cannot seem to make myself do that, so you’ll have to do that yourself, lol. This consists after all of many years of (prayerful) study.}

1. The seals in chapter six, where the last days vision begins, are main elements of the years of our Lord, A.D. and they are described in a blend of their first appearance and their last fully progressed/galloped appearance, skewing the vision by portraying things here so early in the narrative, which only occur very late on the planet. The whole element is described, not just its beginning.

2. Chapter 12 is an insert and total history on its own. A history of the faith. Chapters 11, 13, and 14 are also inserts but do not break up the vision, distorting it as much as trying to fit chapter 12 into the bigger/total vision.

3. The 7 trumpets are what the 7th seal is. And the bowls (or vials) are what the 7th/last trumpet is (and they occur very quickly, perhaps concurrently).

Supplemental keys:

A. Think this, what is the biggest belief influence upon modern mankind today? Especially upon western civilization once called Christendom? This is the notorious “false prophet”/teacher/teaching/theory and its “strong delusion” which causes a “falling away” from the faith.

B. Verse 13:13 – yes, notice those numbers of very bad reputation, lol – occurred already. But like the false prophet was so big, it goes unseen. The lock on this? It does not pinpoint an individual, but an office.

C. There are two beasts in chapter 13. The first ‘big’ beast, like the false prophet are not persons, but could be said to be institutions of man.

D. The ‘big’ beast with its ten kings of the last hour, and the harlot (pornos) of 7 continents, are socialism and capitalism. Both gone extreme (17:16).

E. The vision is literal, but portrayed in symbols and metaphor. The idea it is only spiritual (for what occurs in the psyche) is missing the whole point.

F. John could only describe things he saw in the vision by things he was familiar with. For instance if he saw tanks or helicopters, how would he describe them?

This may not make sense to you now, but print it, maybe it will come in handy later.

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Fruit Of Something Reveals It

In Jesus’ last days discourse, and in 2 Thessalonians 1:8, about His return, the word used is punishment.. vengeance. Whereas, otherwise, especially after this life, the word is “kolasis” (corrective).

That’s the thing! “God’s wrath” is not ‘hell’ or afterlife! …And I still believe it is, in large/most part, results and consequences. How else would stubborn humans ever learn??

We have eternity to get into the minutia of everything.. how everything reflects, witnesses to and portrays that God IS, and the transformation that is needed and all go through, “each in their own order”. (1 Corinthians 15:22->28)

But today, is a day of salvation. A day (surely?) to know and thus pass on, the big picture of what God is doing and why. And in such a way, it can be easily passed on to others. And the better we know it, the more clearly – and briefly – we can communicate it. Planting seeds wherever we go and being “found of Him, at His return, being a good servant helping to feed the household” which surely? Is “all”. Little children cannot eat meat right away. The better we understand, the more simply can we put it into words they can digest, assimilate and grow on.

What God, Father Almighty is doing, is so glorious, if we even drop only crumbs of it, if it’s all truth, it will sprout and grow.


When Jesus “set His face” to Jerusalem, and was determinedly headed to Jerusalem, the disciples “were afraid” and worried. He’d told them that in Jerusalem they would beat and crucify Him, but they “did not understand”. I wonder if they thought He might be talking in metaphor? Which they thought because they were afraid?

When it comes to bible prophecy, the more afraid, the more important to listen (hear and heed). But who can tell the landmarks Jesus told, when there’s so much senseless babble going on about it? (As with all things! I no longer think Rev. 12:15 is one flood, lol.)

A State Of Happiness

In the study of Bible topics, it’s important (surely?) to take into account all verses concerning the topic.

I’ve finally come to a summary of what I think death and dead is.

The word, dead is translated from the Greek word nekros. Which means “to lack life”.

But Jesus said God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and is the God of the living, not of the dead, implying these fathers are alive.

When Jesus was told of Lazarus’s death, He said he was sleeping.

Paul wrote about Christians “asleep in Christ”.

I now feel I can say the believing dead are in a state of happiness, each with different degrees perhaps, as it’s truth that sets free and we all have a mingling of true and untrue in our beliefs?

And that this state of happiness is somewhere between deep sleep to …? I lean toward a pleasant sleeping. With all those millions of passed on not yet saved folks, being in a deep sleep. That would be my, hopefully, biblically based theory.

I have loved ones who believe a lost loved one visits them, in dreams and perhaps even not in dreams. Would I ever suggest different? Not on your life! God is gracious. God is kind! “Mercy trumps judgment”!

Have a Great Day!

Knocking On The Door

Maybe you know the painting of Jesus standing at a doorstop, knocking on the door. It looks to be a nice door.. And rather like a garden. You don’t see that image much any more. Kind of like the DaVinci, Last Supper painting and the painting of Jesus at prayer in Gethsemane. And don’t forget Jesus with His sheep! And I read recently, in those so early Christian catacombs, have been found drawings of Jesus with His sheep, but with a goat over his shoulders. I found that interesting.

The painting of course, is based on Revelation 3:20. Jesus knocking upon the heart’s door. But just lately I’ve been thinking of it as relating to Bible prophecy. How Bible prophecy has parallel fulfillment. What was local and ‘soon’ and what telescopes into what’s called last days, or day of the Lord.

And it’s been seeming like “knock, knock” when reading certain things in the scriptures as to attitude of what the early believers thought would be occurring in the rather near future. It seems to me like they were expecting what they called wrath, or fiery judgment (consequences?) And there seemed to be a sense of watching and not wanting to be surprised by events. Wasn’t it John the Baptist who said of certain national and religious leaders, “Who has warned you to escape the wrath that’s to come!” I’m not sure I understand the first part of that, but the second part seems obvious enough.

I did read a long time ago that before the siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the followers of Jesus knew by certain signs when it was coming down, and left the city prior to it. They then of course scattered and migrated, taking the faith with them. (Rev. 12:6)

I’m not saying that today “wrath” / the day of the LORD is imminent. Speaking of the “last trumpet” as some are these days, we’ve not had the first one yet! But when we do (Rev. 8:7) things will begin to escalate much more in earnest.

What I’m trying to say, is to refute the idea that there is no Bible prophecy for modern man. Therefor, it’s said, why bother to study it or to even read the Book of Revelation. The idea that if someone mentions escatology, it’s either because they are ‘fearful’ or hysterical.

Silly idea, if you ask me! Rather reckless. Entrusted with the Word, the Truth, as we are. There could, after all, be a purpose for “every word of God”.

Saving The Spirit

As we know, in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian believers, he addressed the issue of a believer who was having relations with his stepmother. Paul told the church to hand this one over to Satan so his flesh can be destroyed! So his spirit be saved in the day of the LORD.

Most commentaries agree, this was a banning a person out of the church. There being the two worlds, church and non-church.

Now the ET/wrongly translated belief, seems to prefer to think of this as hell. And Satan is to be the ruler of an afterlife torment pit or cavern, gleefully burning souls alive forever in flames of undying agony. Turning them over with his pitchfork!

But.. what about this in Paul’s second letter?
So instead, you ought to forgive and comfort him, so that he will not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow. – 2 Cor. 2:6-11 They were to welcome him back into their group. And his “body” was intact. But some of his carnal character had hopefully (!) been overcome.

In context:

I don’t believe pitchfork is mentioned anywhere in the scriptures. Even the verse “winnowing or threshing the wheat” would be more of a tossing the wheat into the air so the chaff blows away.

…And then maybe, in order to make fine flour, grinding it with a stone? And baking a nourishing loaf of bread which fills the home with warmth and a very pleasant aroma?






There used to be a teaching, and perhaps still is in some quarters, that Earth was previously inhabited and destroyed, and thus is what is meant by “it was empty and void”. Now if we look up the original Hebrew words used, it may be far different than we believe. If I remember right the meanings are something like void and pointless.

But today I was thinking of how He set everything in motion. And how that motion is right down to each person’s life, and this exorcising of choices not in line with His will, being allowed to exist and play out. All of that set into motion, so that all humanity is learning to understand good from evil, which is life from death, non-life.

But when it was “empty and void” it was not yet set in motion.

Also the second account of the creation of man and woman, is only an insert providing more information. Not the creation of new folks as opposed to old folks. Remember how the New Testament says all people came from Adam? And how they all came from, and have “one blood”?

I was also pondering this, because He is life (surely? “In the beginning God” so what else would be the vitality and force of life? The source of all intelligence, and everything good.) Because He is life, did He have to create a ‘space’ of nonlife, sort of, in order to create matter? Idk.. it made sense at the time, lol. And that place was “empty and void”?

The thing is, it’s not beyond logic that there could have been another habitation of the Earth, the fall into imperfection also engineered, or I suppose occurring – like it took God by surprise or something?

And yet without His intervention, it all self destructed in their own inevitable apocalypse.

So this is perfectly plausible, in a sense, but my thought is, would God, who “is love” be okay with losing all those people? Since He is life, He lives through it all. Surely? (And of course, because He “is perfect”, imperfection is the opposite of life.)

You see the dilemma of creating rational creatures?

Well, thanks for putting up with my speculations. I’m not, as a rule, very interested in speculations about God’s Word, but I sure am crazy about His Word. Truth brings GREAT joy. Yes?