Poof! Hell Is Gone

You’ll never know anyone more generous and kind, than the Heavenly Father. In fact 1 Jn.4:8 says He is love! And then there’s this, if He wasn’t perfect, He too would fade away. Perfect makes no mistake(s). And can lose nothing. Why did He put innocent Adam and Eve in the little garden well after the first bound to occur rebel thought occurred? He knew (of course) what was in the adversary’s heart! But see how all are taking this unavoidable journey (and lesson) all together, at once. Unavoidable if there’s to be thinking and reasoning ability! You see, if God is life itself – and what else could be? And He “is perfect” (Mt.5:48) then anything in thought, word or deed that differs with Him, is imperfect, the opposite of life!

– So the remedy was built in from the beginning, “Christ crucified at the foundation of the world” (Rev.13:8). But as a loving father, He is letting choices, other than His, exist and run their course. Even though now there is suffering, there is death, there are wars.. All of which He, as life itself, lives through! Why put Himself through all that? So all will fully understand what is, and tends to life, and what is, and tends to death. Good from evil! How are you going to have an enduring paradise (for all) if there is any rational creature that does not fully understand that? Understand what? That He is Life. And no one can have life apart from Him – and, His perfection. Perfection is life. Missing the mark (translated sin) is death. All need to know it can never work! Go not that way!

– Jesus tells us, via the parables, that humanity is the Father’s garden. It’s a crazy garden! The weeds far outnumber the wheat! But in the ‘end’ even the weeds will become wheat! Because Jesus said He will draw all to Him, Jn.12:32.

– But that doesn’t mean this circus (travesty?) won’t play out to the conclusion. After all, that’s the proof! The conclusion of this lesson of good and evil. We’re told all about that conclusion. The nations will “make war” (Rev.12:17 w/ Mt.23:39; Rev.16:14,15,16) against Jerusalem (Israel). The weeds will gather to Armageddon. Which will mushroom into a (manmade) lake of fire (prophecy thought to be, you guessed it, ‘hell’). Jesus returns, gathering all believers of all time to Himself, to meet Him as He is arriving, and on that day His feet will stand upon Mount of Olives which will split in two via a great earthquake (Zechariah 14:4). And thus the prophesied Millennium of Jesus begins. The “rest of the dead come not back to life until after the thousand years” (Rev.20:6).

– His first advent, as we know, fulfilled the ancient Spring Holy Days. He was the Passover Lamb dying the death/annihilation/lack of life all were under (1 Jn.2:2) a strong enough image to pierce every self tormenting conscience! He is the Unleavened Bread of Life, and the Firstfruits of God. I.e, the three Spring Holy Days are prophecy of, and represent His first advent/visit. Along with Pentecost seven weeks later, when He baptized the first believers with flames of fire. God is that fire!

– Doesn’t that mean His long second advent – the three main peaks of – will follow the pattern of, and are prophesied by the three Fall Holy Days of – Trumpets (of Rev. and His return), and 10 days later (1000 years later) Day of Atonement, and 5 days later (500 years later) Tabernacles! Notice how Rev.21, verses 1 and 3, say “..a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.. the tabernacle of God is with mankind, and He will dwell (tabernacle) with them..”

– “The bear will graze with the cow and the lion will eat straw like the ox.” (Isaiah 11:7)

In review and summary, the pattern plays out like this, the Lord’s return and the millennium of a thousand years; then “the judgment” of 500 years. Which is the only time Ps.22:27 can be fulfilled. Which says “all the ends of Earth will remember/take thought, and turn to the Lord, and all families of the nations will worship/rejoice before Him!” Thus, all names found “in the book of life”! ..Like ancient collective Day of Atonement, anyone “not afflicting their soul on that day will be cast out from among the people! But seriously, after rising from their dusty grave (translated ‘hell’) and living through the judgment (great day of review) who’s not going to “believe”?

– Isaiah 45:21-24 says – “..Who has declared this from ancient time? Who has told it from that time? Have not I the Lord? There is no other God but me. A just God. And a Saviour.. Look to me, and be saved, all the ends of the earth.. I have sworn, by my own name! I have spoken the truth, and I will never go back on my word: Every knee will bend to me, and every tongue will declare allegiance to me. The people will declare, `The Lord is the source of all my righteousness and strength.` And all who were angry with him will come to him.”

– “With God nothing is impossible!” (Luke 1:27) “He is love” and “love never fails!” 1 John 4:8 and 1 Corinthians 13:8 & see 15:22(-28). The Holy Days – Leviticus 23.



Keys To Eschatology

Eschatology, the word, is from the Greek word “esxatos / eschatos” which means last, final, the furthest, the extreme-end. So eschatology is the study of last things and extends beyond into following ages until we get to Revelation 21, when all things are made new.

There are things written by the prophets, especially by Isaiah and Zechariah, which also show up in the Book of Revelation / Apocalypse.

It’s helpful to think of Revelation as a theater play. A great theater play with acts, scenes, curtain risings.. and with an orchestra. And once each music note sounds, it continues sounding to the crescendo at ‘the end’.

The Revelation curtain rises at chapter six. The four horsemen of the apocalypse come riding forth and their rides continue to the ‘end’. In this way some things are told here so early on in the vision, which do not occur until very late days, by describing the entire ride, here at the beginning of vision.

Revelation chapter 12 is an insert! It’s a total, stand alone history. And is a vision within the vision, which begins with the birth of Jesus. “Behold.. a great sign.. a virgin will conceive.. the Son of man”. In this vision we can see Herod the Great, the fall of Jerusalem in 70 a.d., the inquisition(s), the ship called the Mayflower (yes the Mayflower), a coming drought, and then at the last verse, the gathering to Armageddon. But which verse needs Matthew 23:39.

Prophecy, like history, repeats itself. The anti-Christ (little beast), the worldwide beast, the false prophet, Babylon, may not be the same ones of yesteryear.

Revelation 13:13 pinpoints an office. Not an individual. And – it occurred in 1945. Yes, a mushroom which will one day be a lake of fire, seal 6 of chapter 6 – which is paused at 7:1, and is still having “the winds of it held back” to this day.

Babylon of the day sits on seven continents and has beguiled all nations. She has made the merchants wealthy and the kings of Earth (politicians) are in bed with her ($ity Babylon). Isaiah mentions “in the day the towers fall”. The ancient Babel Tower was the first tower.

The world wide beast – of Revelation 13,  verses 1-10, as opposed to verses 11-18, and the “false prophet”/teacher/teaching/theory/strong delusion(#1? lol) are destroyed in the lake of fire. So these are not people but institutions of man “active” at the time of the Lord’s return (“in fire / in the midst of? and with His angels” 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8; 2 Peter 3:10-11).

This of course is when all believers alive and dead rise “to meet Him at His coming”. Zechariah 14:4 says “in that day His feet shall stand upon Mount of Olives, which will split by earthquake, into a great valley”. And thus begins what is popularly called the Millennium.

“The rest of the dead do not rise until after the thousand years.”

To understand the ages, which Paul mentions (Ephesians 2:7) study the pattern of the ancient Fall Holy Days of Leviticus 23. As His first advent perfectly fulfilled the Spring ones, surely His long second one will fulfill the Fall ones(?) The three Holy Days coinciding with the three major peaks, His return, Judgment ‘Day’ and “God will now tabernacle with man upon Earth made anew”. (See 1 Corinthians 15:27-28/22-28).

“..I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away..” [2 Peter 3:13] “`Behold! the tabernacle of God is with man, and He will dwell with them`..” (Rev.21:1-5)

“Then the angel showed me a river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb..” (Rev.22:1)

“The lion will eat straw like the ox.. the bear will graze with the cow..” (Isaiah 11:7)


The Great Day of The Heavenly Court

Why do so many believe a person is judged and goes to either heaven or ‘hell’ at their death? That the angels carry the (immortal) souls of the good, the believer/follower to heavenly paradise at their passing. And I suppose the demons carry away – to the fiery center of the Earth, is one belief!  The (immortal) soul of all nonbelievers, even those never told about Jesus or perhaps even of Yahweh?

Maybe it’s because it’s become “all about us”. “Judgment Day” is all about me. The visions of The Great White Throne and myriads of myriads gathered before Him, is referring to each individual’s judgment day at their death? This was the teaching of the nations. Which reached its epiphany in Greece, and subtly made its way into the scriptures via translation by humans living in culture very much steeped in those beliefs. (And again through putting the scripture in a box labeled, nothing/not much literal?)

“All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD. All the families of the nations will bow down before Him.” – Psalm 22:27

It sure is good to know that! Have a great day!


How I Know The Earth Is Round

Have you heard of the flat Earth theory? Besides the evidence of my eyes, according to CHRISTIAN Universalism the number of brothers and sisters we will have is just about infinite. You know why? Because it’s a circle of people, what with being on a round planet. So the circle never ends.. just an Easter thought. (1Tim.4:10; Jn.12:32; 1Jn.4:8; 1Cor.13:8 & for scholars, 1Cor.15:22–>28; Rev.21:1-5 w/ 2Pet.3:12-13; 2Pet.3:10-11 w /2Thess.1:7-8, lof manmade not the myth..)

Is Sheol Really Hell?

As you probably know, the study apps and programs – as far as I know – don’t work well for copy and pasting the interlinear word for word of verses, so I look for the closest translation (available) to copy/paste.

As we know, the word translated by King James’ translators (and others?) as hell in the OT, was “sheol”.

According to the OT “all go to one place” (Ecclesiastes 3:19-20). Psalm 89:48 says, “What man can live and never see death? Who can deliver his soul from the power of Sheol?”

Job said “oh if only you, LORD, would hide me in sheol” (Job 13:14). When Jacob thought Joseph was killed by wild animals, he said “I will go down to sheol grieving..” To a subterranean  basement? Or “I will go to my grave grieving”..?

Ecclesiastes 9:10 says (suggests? no, lol) “All that your hand finds to do, with your power do, for there is no work, and device, and knowledge, and wisdom in Sheol where you (we, all) are going.” Youngs Literal Version

I thought I would look at the verbs of the verse –

No work – from H4639 – maaseh – “a deed, work.. translated as no accomplishing, achieving, activity, deeds, actions, etc.” — From “asah” – H6213 – “accomplish, do, make” —– No doing? in sheol.

No device – H2808 – cheshbon – “reckoning, account” –  No reckoning?!

No knowledge – H1847 – daath – “knowledge” — From “yada” H3045 – “to know” —- Is this where that annoying yada, yada, yada comes from?

And, no wisdom – H2451 – chokmah – “wisdom” — From H2449 – chakam – “to be wise”

The words with links interlinear on biblehub –

Rays of God

There are rays of the Lord – from the Lord – which shine down to us. And there’s other rays, we can call them dark rays.

The scripture tells us the angels of God are messengers.

If there is no literal fallen angel/heavenly being, and the one third who followed him – then this is far worse than I ever thought! For if the darkest deeds done by man have proceeded only from within, WITHOUT help or encouragement, or speeding along by dark entities, well, I find that more alarming yet!

Someone could say, oh it must be the Lord then.. Really?

Maybe this idea is an offshoot of the idea, a truth, that nothing occurs without God being in control. And of course He is! For He “is perfect” (Mt. 5:48). And perfect makes no mistake(s)! But allowing choices and doings other than His, does not mean He approves all things and, or, is the doer of all things. It is MORE powerful to allow things to run their course.. and in the ‘end’ have all things fall into place exactly as you will it!

The Bible, according to the original language, says the angels are messengers – not messages.


Sabbath And The Way

In Philippians Paul talks about the believers in Philippi being pressured to accept the doctrine that one has to follow the rules of the law of Moses in order, to be saved.

The subtle difference of course is how “love is the fulfilling of the law”, so those who are saved and born again – “transplanted from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light” follow the law of Moses in Spirit, just as Jesus pointed out in His ‘Sermon on the Mount’, it’s not really good enough to not murder, but don’t be angry at someone – or someones – without cause, i.e. disliking them.

The one’s insisting the seat of Jesus (who IS salvation) be shared with the seat of Moses, at their authority, Paul said, were acting like dogs. How do dogs act? They are always pushing each other to be leader of the pack, to be dominant.

Jesus said that’s the way the world is and believers should not be that way.

Also in his letter to the Philippians, Paul wrote there was only one way to remain pure and blameless – “I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding, that you would distinguish those things that are suitable, that you may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ”.

“…the washing with water through the word, to present to Himself a glorious church without spot or wrinkle or any such blemish, but holy (including whole) and blameless.” – Ephesians 5:27-28

Sealed Foreheads?  of Revelation 7:1-4, and 9

After this – the opening and first appearance of Seal 6 – I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back its four winds so that no wind would blow on land or sea or on any tree. And I saw another angel ascending from the east, with the seal of the living God. And he called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: “Do not harm the land or sea or trees until we have sealed the foreheads of the servants of our God.” And I heard the NUMBER of those who were sealed, 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel… ..After this I looked and saw a multitude too-large-to-count, from every nation and tribe and people and tongue..

….Revelation 9:4 – “…only those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads..”