A Little Whimsy About the Letters in ALL


The A, majestic.. First letter of Almighty.. from A to Z, He is/will be ALL

The L …two of them.. like laughter..  light, love, life





A State Of Happiness

In the study of Bible topics, it’s important (surely?) to take into account all verses concerning the topic.

I’ve finally come to a summary of what I think death and dead is.

The word, dead is translated from the Greek word nekros. Which means “to lack life”.

But Jesus said God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and is the God of the living, not of the dead, implying these fathers are alive.

When Jesus was told of Lazarus’s death, He said he was sleeping.

Paul wrote about Christians “asleep in Christ”.

I now feel I can say the believing dead are in a state of happiness, each with different degrees perhaps, as it’s truth that sets free and we all have a mingling of true and untrue in our beliefs?

And that this state of happiness is somewhere between deep sleep to …? I lean toward a pleasant sleeping. With all those millions of passed on not yet saved folks, being in a deep sleep. That would be my, hopefully, biblically based theory.

I have loved ones who believe a lost loved one visits them, in dreams and perhaps even not in dreams. Would I ever suggest different? Not on your life! God is gracious. God is kind! “Mercy trumps judgment”!

Have a Great Day!


There used to be a teaching, and perhaps still is in some quarters, that Earth was previously inhabited and destroyed, and thus is what is meant by “it was empty and void”. Now if we look up the original Hebrew words used, it may be far different than we believe. If I remember right the meanings are something like void and pointless.

But today I was thinking of how He set everything in motion. And how that motion is right down to each person’s life, and this exorcising of choices not in line with His will, being allowed to exist and play out. All of that set into motion, so that all humanity is learning to understand good from evil, which is life from death, non-life.

But when it was “empty and void” it was not yet set in motion.

Also the second account of the creation of man and woman, is only an insert providing more information. Not the creation of new folks as opposed to old folks. Remember how the New Testament says all people came from Adam? And how they all came from, and have “one blood”?

I was also pondering this, because He is life (surely? “In the beginning God” so what else would be the vitality and force of life? The source of all intelligence, and everything good.) Because He is life, did He have to create a ‘space’ of nonlife, sort of, in order to create matter? Idk.. it made sense at the time, lol. And that place was “empty and void”?

The thing is, it’s not beyond logic that there could have been another habitation of the Earth, the fall into imperfection also engineered, or I suppose occurring – like it took God by surprise or something?

And yet without His intervention, it all self destructed in their own inevitable apocalypse.

So this is perfectly plausible, in a sense, but my thought is, would God, who “is love” be okay with losing all those people? Since He is life, He lives through it all. Surely? (And of course, because He “is perfect”, imperfection is the opposite of life.)

You see the dilemma of creating rational creatures?

Well, thanks for putting up with my speculations. I’m not, as a rule, very interested in speculations about God’s Word, but I sure am crazy about His Word. Truth brings GREAT joy. Yes?

The Strange Old World Myth Of Hell

It’s a rather complicated topic, as it involves at least four words very poorly translated to read “Hell” in the Bible.

Gehenna, a valley where Armageddon will be fought, and sometimes used to refer to judgment (consequences, sometimes fiery).

Sheol, the Old Testament grave, “where there is no knowing or doing” – Ecclesiastes 9:10.

The Greek word hades which means place of the dead, but in Greek myth is a shadowy underworld (under Earth) afterlife.

“The pit” which Isaiah 14:11-15 says has worms as ones bed and covering. (The grave.)

And the Greek word tartarus used once, which could be used to refer to deepest spiritual darkness, but in Greek myth is a subterranean pit which is the lowest level of hades. Also, like Earth, night and time, Tartarus was thought to be a deity. The verse says angels who left their first place are locked into Tartarus (deepest darkness?) reserved for judgment. (Being fallen/imperfect, they cannot reverse their course and become again perfect. Thus they are locked into judgment!)

There is also the curious verse which many read as saying when Jesus was in the grave He went to such a pit and preached to souls there from the day’s of Noah’s ark. But when I read it, it sounds like Jesus went via the Spirit and preached to the people who were not going to get into the ark, and made fun of Noah the hundred years he was building it. And that He did this “while the ark was being prepared” (1 Peter 3:18-20).

Surely ‘hell’ or afterlife, endless torment was an old world superstition invented by ancient king, priest collusion to keep the people obedient and pliant!

If we think Christianity is steeped in this belief, the world in which the Bible translators lived was more so. Hence, this strange superstion “crept into the faith unawares”. But how logical is itConsidering that “God is love” and “love never fails” — 1 John 4:8 and 1 Corinthians 13:8. To believe such a theory one has to ignore God’s character, attributes and ability.

How To Not Run With Verses

For too long man has run with God’s Word. A good example is Jesus’ parable of the banquet – a spiritual banquet or supper when Jesus returns, and perhaps another following Judgment ‘Day’. Jesus said those invited who do not respond, will be shut out of the supper.

We have translated it in our perceptions, to mean forever. They will be shut out of the kingdom – life! – forever. Paradoxically we also translate this to mean they will be alive forever suffering excruciating torment, either God given or which God is unable to do anything about.

Really? What sort of logic (Logos) is that? When “God is Love”, is “perfect” and is “almighty/all powerful”.

It is ancient king/priest collusion myths invented to control the people translated into God’s Word.

The Bible is Truth and as truth is infallible, but translators are not.

Thankfully, we now have great study tools at our fingertips! Online and as apps, such as – https://biblehub.com/interlinear/genesis/1-1.htm



Is It Heaven Or Hell At Death

In Paul’s second letter to Timothy, he mentions the family of Onesiphoris (verses 1:6-18). It’s believed Onesiphorus had died, because also in verse 4:19 he wrote “Greet Priscilla and Aquila and the household of Onesiphorus” which all the verses taken together do seem to imply this.

After first mentioning him, Paul then writes “May the Lord grant Onesiphorus kindness on that day. You know very well how much he ministered to me in Ephesus.”

“On that day” usually refers to ‘day’ of Judgment. If Onesiphoris’ day of Judgment was at his death, surely Paul’s prayer would reflect that. Rather it sounds as though Paul expected that day to be in the man’s future.

If there is a sort of waiting room where the dead go awaiting resurrection, wouldn’t Paul pray for Onesiphoris’ condition during that interval?

In a different letter (first letter to the Corinthian believers) Paul wrote “With what sort of body shall they rise?”