There’s two things in my life which make me wonder if at heart, I am still to some degree, a Pagan. (Lol)

One being I love the phrase Holy Ghost. I don’t use it, but often want to.. It’s outdated I guess.. people wouldn’t know what to think.. lol.

The other is my Christmas tree with its colorful lights. Reminds me of stained glass.. the only stained glass in my life right now.

Do I have to give these two things up? I don’t worship the tree.. or decorate it in the name of a strange God. I’m not even thinking of a supposed guy named ‘Santa’, but to be honest, our Father in heaven, in many ways, reminds me of the fictional Santa.. After all, “God is love” 1 Jn.4:8.

It’s kind of like the Sabbath, I think. I love to observe the original Sabbath, especially as it begins on Friday evening. And it may indeed be the superior thing. But I don’t think it’s a commandment for Gentile believers, per the Jerusalem council in Acts chapter 15.

So for now, I’ll leave it at that. Should the Spirit of God say otherwise, I pray I have ears to hear. Always!

God bless your coming year!


DOA for the DOA

When we realize how Jesus died at the very hour of the Passover sacrifice, was shut into the tomb as Unleavened Bread began, and rose three evenings later as Firstfruits was beginning, it’s not so long a stretch to realize the pattern of His long second advent is revealed in the pattern of Israel’s ancient Autumn Holy Days — of Trumpets (10days later is) Day Of Atonement (and 5days later is) Tabernacles — Representing the three peaks of our Lord’s second advent — His Return (then His millennial rule of a 1000 years, followed by) the Resurrection of Those not Saved (and then the Judgment, followed by) the “All in All” event when “All Things are Made New” and “God will now tabernacle with mankind upon Earth.. wherein righteousness is to dwell”.

Making it Day of Atonement, for the doa, the initially ‘dead on arrival’ (having risen “still in their sins”). [Lev.23]

Ps. 22:27 — “All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD. All the families of the nations will bow down before Him.”




When Jesus “set His face” to Jerusalem, and was determinedly headed to Jerusalem, the disciples “were afraid” and worried. He’d told them that in Jerusalem they would beat and crucify Him, but they “did not understand”. I wonder if they thought He might be talking in metaphor? Which they thought because they were afraid?

When it comes to bible prophecy, the more afraid, the more important to listen (hear and heed). But who can tell the landmarks Jesus told, when there’s so much senseless babble going on about it? (As with all things! I no longer think Rev. 12:15 is one flood, lol.)

Saving The Spirit

As we know, in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian believers, he addressed the issue of a believer who was having relations with his stepmother. Paul told the church to hand this one over to Satan so his flesh can be destroyed! So his spirit be saved in the day of the LORD.

Most commentaries agree, this was a banning a person out of the church. There being the two worlds, church and non-church.

Now the ET/wrongly translated belief, seems to prefer to think of this as hell. And Satan is to be the ruler of an afterlife torment pit or cavern, gleefully burning souls alive forever in flames of undying agony. Turning them over with his pitchfork!

But.. what about this in Paul’s second letter?
So instead, you ought to forgive and comfort him, so that he will not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow. – 2 Cor. 2:6-11 They were to welcome him back into their group. And his “body” was intact. But some of his carnal character had hopefully (!) been overcome.

In context:

I don’t believe pitchfork is mentioned anywhere in the scriptures. Even the verse “winnowing or threshing the wheat” would be more of a tossing the wheat into the air so the chaff blows away.

…And then maybe, in order to make fine flour, grinding it with a stone? And baking a nourishing loaf of bread which fills the home with warmth and a very pleasant aroma?






People like to say Jesus was a Socialist. And the very first (infant) group of believers sort of was. But the huge difference, however, was it lacked a large regulatory human government running everything. Which by necessity, is the true Socialism. Even the small “love and peace” communes of the 1960’s and 70’s had their problems and couldn’t endure. A strong division of power(s) is the only thing which can keep a culture free. Too much power in any hands – as long as we are flawed beings – is very much a formula for disaster. History continually proves it.

A Most Subtle Thing

Perhaps one of the most subtle of things is the whole issue of law vs grace. The first thing to notice is how versus does not really belong there! But there’s a secret! Or so it seems.

The secret, or key, is one of “direction”. When it comes to law and grace, the formula is grace first. The law coming first, the imposing from the outside, is failure. For it demands compliance in one’s imperfect and flawed state. And denies the reality of the flawed state. And if sincere, it is frustration.

I have to think this is one of the top, all important things God is teaching us.

So what is the successful formula?

In answer to “Lord teach us to pray”, one of the things Jesus said was “if your child asks for a fish would you give him a serpent? How much more will your heavenly Father  give the Holy Spirit to them who ask Him?”

This suggests to me that the answer to all things is more of the Spirit of God. Grace. So the law in us is not an imposing from without, but a radiating from within. From a changed, born again heart.

The confusion is thinking when one says we are “saved by grace apart from the law” it’s assumed the thinking is anything goes, there are no standards to uphold. This is a wrong perception. Can we trust Grace? The working of God’s Spirit? His Spirit within results in change of character. For “God is love” and “love works no ill”.

”Love is the fulfilling of the law.” And paradoxically the law, imposed from without, does not produce love, nor any of the “fruits of the Spirit”. If we will remember, it was keepers of the law who plotted and finally carried out the crucifixion of Jesus.

The apostle John said – by this we will know if we know him, if we follow his commandments. (And if we love one another. And I believe, if we have true affection for our fellow person.)

Acts 15, when the apostles held a council (got together to decide) they said it seemed good to them and the Holy Spirit, that gentile (non-Israel) believers did not have to observe the covenant God had with Israel – as an observance. To abstain from sin of course. But they did not have to be circumcised, etc. And elsewhere about Sabbaths, Paul wrote to  “let” each one be fully persuaded about it, in their own mind. Let each one make up their own mind – some observe one day above others (Sabbath) and one views all day’s alike (Sabbath times every day), let each be..

If God Most High and all powerful wants us all to observe a Saturday Sabbath, we will, but it will come from within.

This is a subtle twisting of truth. Any twisting of the truth robs the gospel of its POWER. “If we mix Law with grace we are fallen from grace.” If we remember right/know our New Testament history (Acts and the Epistles/letters) we know this was the first subtle assault upon the gospel.

Sober Introspection

Sober introspection is a two edged sword. Or that is to say, it’s a very sharp sword. Every thing the devil says about me is true. Well not everything.. but even if it were, all that is on the cross with Jesus – in plain English. But all the things one doesn’t do, doesn’t say, doesn’t pray..

And not only that my dear friend, but within every imperfect one of us is a potential bottomless pit of possibilities (as history is proving).. This is because imperfection is a virtual abyss. I sometimes wonder how far or how near troublous times are.. It’s plenty troublous for many in the world. Somebodies, someday, are gonna have to suck it up buttercup.

I wonder.. do haters know they are hating? And do they know where hate always leads and how hate is cultivated and manipulated..