Winds Of Time

Politically speaking, do you ever feel like we’re being herded? At my house we watch “Walton’s Mountain”.. I found out it’s based on (in large part) a movie called Spencer’s Mountain. ..Instead of John Boy, it’s Clay Boy. (Lol.)
When you watch shows like that you see how much life and culture has changed.. From family and simple life, lived close to the Earth. Some good changes of course.. But we threw the baby out with the bath water!

Of course there always was the cities.. and the world, the one created by mankind.. and history. Many folks may think we’re progressing.. going forward. But the Bible says the pit has opened wide its mouth and the nations will parade, carous and agitate their way into it.. Prophet Isaiah, I believe. Of course the translators translated it as “hell has opened wide its mouth..” And in a way they’re right. (But it’s earthly prophecy like any other. Even the fiery part.)

But after that comes resurrection! Jesus said ““all those in the tombs” (graves) “will hear His voice and will come forth” (from the graves) “..some into aionian life” called “the resurrection of life” and “the thousand years”/millennium) ..”And some in the resurrection of agelasting correction (aionian kolasis)” called ‘Day’ of Judgment. (Jn.5:28-29; Mt.25:46)

And after that, “God makes all new”. (Rev.21:1-5) “The elements will melt in a furious heat ..a new heavens and a new Earth..” (2Pet.3:12-13) “The lion will eat straw like the ox, the bear will graze with the cow”. (Is.11:7)
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Apocalypse Before The Kingdom – Heaven On Earth

Jesus taught “the kingdom”. It was at hand. It had come and was coming, and His parables began with “the kingdom is like”.

Prophet Daniel as a young man interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s disturbing dream about mankind’s empires, which the kingdom will strike and shatter like they are dust upon the winds.

Apocalypse is part of the “good news of the kingdom”. How is apocalypse “good news”?

God is both Life (“gives breath/life to all” Acts 17:25) and He “is perfect” (Mt.5:48). This means life hAs to be perfect! Suffering, loss, sorrow, oppressions, cannot last forever!

Now let me ask you this! HOW does God have genuinely able to think and reason beings (thus they can make choices) – aNd – keep perfection/paradise intact?

Obviously, a first thing you do is include in the garden of life, a visible option of imperfect choice. Of “hamartia” – Greek word meaning to “miss the mark” which is translated “sin”.

Of course we all want Him to intervene and stop all suffering. Which He has done! By His blueprint at the “foundation of the world” of sending His Son “the Firstborn” – the “proto” born, the prototype – for “this is the mystery! Christ (THE seed) in us”! (Col.1:27; Gal.3:16)

And He also intervened, at other critical times – to curb great evils. But, if He intervened in all human affairs.. Well, what would be the point? Of letting this imperfection run its course? Which course, of course, is apocalypse. Imperfection cannot endure. It is corruption. It falls apart, entropies. And very thankfully immortality is not in it.

It’s also good news that because God is Life and Perfection, the end result of all this – letting imperfection run its course – can only be the Best One Possible! “Perfect” makes no mistakes, and cannot lose anything. To lose. one. thing. cannot be said to be “perfect”! [Is.42:5;Mt.5:48]

So a lot of the Scripture is about this natural element – what we call apocalypse. It’s a Greek word that literally means “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”.

Eschatolgy requires an “unveiling” (de-cloaking). And the culmination of all imperfection, when it collapses and, or implodes, is an unveiling of the Truth that imperfection is built on sand. The “smoke of apocalypse shall rise up forever and ever” – a poetic way of saying it will never be forgotten that there really is only One Way of Life. Only one way to be alive, to exist. Because God is life and is also perfection making imperfection the opposite of life. Ultimately it. can. not. be. done. Hooray! Life hAs to be perfect!

The Lord of Life has given many (many) signs and markers concerning apocalypse, both the individual, national and the collective. But apocalypse (fall, ruin, collapse) is only part of the eschatological equation! (Again Hooray!!)

This is turning into longer than I intended, but I will try to stay brief! I have the urge lately to tell it all. All I’ve learned after forty plus years of study and semi-monasticism (my ‘own’ brand, lol).

Mankind’s final wars will be in the Middle East. First over oil. Which is one reason why I think the final scene of “blood as high as horse’s bridles” is code, yes code, for oil. If getting the U.S. not to produce oil fails.. well you see the oil triangle? With Russia and Saudi Arabia. And of course Iran is watching. So eventually limited war?

Currently we have, since 1945, been in a pause. But the winds of the just released Seal Six (see Revelation chapter 6) once again let loose (but limitedly) will be a HUGE sign concerning eschatology. We are still currently at Revelation, verse 7:1, with “… four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back its four winds not harm the land or sea or trees until..” Holding back the winds of the just released Seal Six!

Meanwhile, what we have been seeing is birth pangs, the sign of approaching end times.

Seal Six is not recognized as to the HUGE thing it was, and is, in Biblical prophecy. This is because the seals are described – in chapter six, at the very beginning of the vision/scroll – as to their total effects. Even their effects at the very ‘end’ are described here at the beginning. You see how this cloaks the vision, yes?

After limited modern capability occurs (once again as warfare) the global agenda will very much gear up. The Revelation characters will ‘step up’. And a famous and notorious treaty/covenant/league will be ratified for seven years. [Daniel 9:27]

This seven years is the totality of Daniel 12:11-12, which says in the midst or middle of the agreement, it will be broken with Israel. Either by stopping sacrifice at a newly built third temple, oR(?) by the taking away or removal of – a place of – daily sacrifices of prayers that is in Jerusalem now. After all, at Matthew 24, verses 1 and 2, coming out of the temple, Jesus said, “See all this? Truly I tell you not one stone will remain atop another that shall not be thrown down”. Whichever of the two occur, about three and a half years plus thirty days later, will be set up the final abomination that desolates. This time upon the human temple meant for God’s Spirit? And happy (verse 12) those who wait and come to forty-five days later.

You see who has such capabilities? Who has many modern miracles and wonders. This is TODAY’s false prophet, whose “strong delusion” has caused a cultural “faling away” from the faith, and “seats man in the temple of God, showing himself he is god”/highest power deciding good and evil. And don’t forget, his widely believed false prophecy.

I almost forgot! Revelation’s “you will have ten days tribulation..” (2:10) makes me think perhaps the last “ten days” is when things escalate from cannot buy or sell to will be killed..

The last great idol of mankind to replace God Most High (who “is love”) will be an “iron/bronze” (Roman/Greek) based institution which will in all likelihood harness, be infiltrated by, or partner with those who practice Revelation 20:4 especially during those final ten days(?)

Revelation 3, verses 7 and 10, say it’s the Philadelphia (brotherly/sisterly love) church (believers) that will be “kept safe from the hour of trial” …”the sun” (which is thermonuclear, btw) “will not smite them.. I will lead them to streams of living” (including fresh?) “waters …be like the deer at the side of the mountain..” [Rev.7:16,17; Song of Solomon (s.o.s!):8:14]

“Be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove.. don’t be found of Him at His coming eating and drinking with the drunken” (and the confused?) “nor beating upon others of the household..” [Mt.10:16 and 24:48,49]

Summary: Where are we in eschatology right now, April 3rd, 2020? We are at Revelation chapter seven, whole chapter. If you want to understand the Book of Revelation, remember about the seals, understand chapter 12 is an insert and a total history. Even if it has an end days fulfillment – also. Verse 13:13 pinpoints an office prominant in last ‘hours’ (before the Lord’s return!)

I have never known who the two witnesses are! They may be the same “two” of Revelation 7.

And, the Revelation vision is told (in Revelation) as four versions:
1. ch.12
2. 6:1-16:21
3. 17:1-19:10
4. 19:11-22:5. And note, 22:6-21 is narrative outside the vision.


An Easter Thought

(Easter is supposed to be part of the Passover week, called Firstfruits.)

It is impossible that there be nothing. (Because nothing cannot become something.)

Since there is something – all we see – which fades away, there must be a first cause, that does not fade away. (Or there would again, be nothing.)

And if all things come from this First-cause, this First-cause must be Life! We could call it Perfection. It is of course the biggest law of life. That life and perfection are one. It’s the Life! The intelligence.. the Over-mind. We’re told straight out it’s “love”. (“God is love” 1Jn.4:8.)

Love has to rule. (Because only perfection endures.)

The end result (Greek “end-aim”) (of even all this imperfection) can only be perfect, i.e. THE BEST ONE POSSIBLE. (The rest is translation error.)

And this makes death the anomaly, not life.


Passover And Easter 2020

This year’s Easter calendar fits perfectly the year Jesus was crucified.. The very same pattern of days. (Revealing how the holydays were prophecy!)

Passover this year is on a Wednesday, and Easter is on the following Sunday. Jesus was crucified (executed) on Passover. He died at around three p.m. Now don’t forget, Hebrew days begin at sunset.. The evening before, therefor, began Passover when the disciples were wanting to prepare for the Passover feast – which is not eaten on Passover day, but (biblically) Passover is the preparation day for the feast, which is upon the NEXT day, in the early hours of it, after sunset.

This next day is a high Sabbath (of no labor) called “First Day of Unleavened Bread”. There’s seven days of “Unleavened Bread”.
This is all called Spring Holy Week.

Also part of Spring Holy Week, is the regular weekly Sabbath, I mention it because a third Holy Day follows the regular weekly Sabbath, and this third Holy Day is called “Firstfruits”.

We could call this holy week prophecy! Though let me warn you, it’s not easy to see how perfectly it was fulfilled, because both Passover and First Day of Unleavened Bread are (and were) sometimes called Passover. Or! Unleavened Bread! Three days of the week can be called “Sabbath”. And in the gospel accounts are also both the Hebrew reckoning of the hours (time) of day, and the Roman reckoning.

Most folks believe Jesus died on a Friday and rose Sunday morning. This is human (church) reasoning. And it doesn’t matter! Except for seeing the prophecy. And how utterly perfectly it was fulfilled.
He died upon Passover ..He is our preparation for the feast! The feast of Life as God will have it after this learning of good from evil is all said and done. For “this is the mystery, Christ in us” (Colossians 1:27).

He was put into the grave as the sun was setting. He had said He would be “in the grave for three days and three nights”.

That year (and this year) Passover is on a Wednesday. And the Lord was put into the grave as Unleavened Bread was beginning around sunset. So counting forward, Jesus was in the grave to Thursday evening.. to Friday evening.. to Saturday evening – which of course is the ending of weekly Sabbath day, which begins the third holy day, “Firstfruits”.
1 Corinthians 15:20 says, “Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep”.

So there we have it! His first advent fulfilled Spring Holy Week – died on Passover, in the grave on First Day of Unleavened Bread (the bread of Life) and rose on Firstfruits.

Fall Holy Week also has three Holy Days! Surely(?) these are prophecy concerning the Lord’s long second advent! Which coincidently has three main peaks – (1)the Lord’s return and “appearing” after which is what’s called the millennium rule but biblically is simply called “the thousand years” – (2)the judgment (the one Jesus spoke about) when occurs the resurrection of those not saved/reconciled before they died (see Rev.20) – and (3)when “the Son hands over to the Father the kingdom, ALL things subdued” – 1 Corinthians 15:28(22-28). At which time “all things are made new. There is a new heavens and a new Earth.. where righteousness/perfection will dwell.. and God will now tabernacle with mankind upon Earth” – Rev.21:1-5; 2 Peter 3:12-13.

The three Fall Holy Days are (1)Trumpets, ten days later is (2)Day of Atonement – THE highest day of the year – and five days later is (3) Tabernacles.

Tabernacles (of Leviticus 23) is also called Tents! It basically is a seven days camping trip of thankfulness and celebration of Life with Him!


The Purpose Of Life

This one Greek word says it all.

1 Corinthians 15:47-55 (Good News Translation)
47 The first Adam, made of earth, came from the earth; the second Adam came from heaven. 48 Those who belong to the earth are like the one who was made of earth; those who are of heaven are like the one who came from heaven. 49 Just as we wear the likeness of the man made of earth, so we will wear the likeness of the Man from heaven.
50 What I mean, friends, is that what is made of flesh and blood cannot share in God’s Kingdom, and what is mortal cannot possess immortality.
51-52 Listen to this secret truth: we shall not all die, but when the last trumpet sounds, we shall all be changed in an instant, as quickly as the blinking of an eye. For when the trumpet sounds, the dead will be raised, never to die again, and we shall all be changed. 53 For what is mortal, must be changed into what is immortal; what will die must be changed into what cannot die. 54 So when this takes place, and the mortal has been changed into the immortal, then the scripture will come true: “Death is destroyed; victory is complete!”
“Where, Death, is your victory?
Where, Death, is your power to hurt?”
Seven All’s
24 …The end will come; Christ will overcome ALL spiritual rulers, authorities, and powers, and will hand over the Kingdom to God the Father. 25 For Christ must rule until God defeats ALL enemies and puts them under his feet. 26 The last enemy to be defeated will be death. 27 For the scripture says, “God put ALL things under his feet.” It is clear, of course, that the words “all things” do not include God himself, who puts ALL things under Christ. 28 But when ALL things have been placed under Christ’s rule, then he himself, the Son, will place himself under God, who placed ALL things under him; and God will rule completely over ALL. [Then God will mean everything to everyone – Contemporary English Version.]

John 17:1-3 After Jesus had finished speaking to his disciples, he looked up toward heaven and prayed, “Father, the time has come for you to bring glory to your Son, in order that he may bring glory to you. 2 And you gave him power over ALL people, so that he would give eternal life to everyone you give him. 3 Eternal life is to know you, the only true God, and to know Jesus Christ, the one you sent.”


Is Cast Into Hell Accurate?

⁃ The verse: “But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear the One who, after you have been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear Him!”

See word #3326, translated “after” but can just as well be “with”.

And the statement otherwise quoted as :
⁃ Matthew 10:28 – “And be not afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul; but fear rather He who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” – Actually Gehenna / fiery death, or was a literal fiery grave of criminals in the city dump.

#1. Who CAN do so.. but Jesus said He would draw ALL, John 12:32 (and see Ps.22:27!)

#2. Then there’s this, “fear rather the One who with the killing can destroy the soul”.

By never resurrecting that one! The body remains “in the dust” and the life and psyche is not resurrected. Thus “with” the killing, is body and soul expired. It’s only the deeply ingrained pagan belief in human inherent immortality/everlasting life without the Lord, that keeps us seeing this as an afterlife thing. There were two things said about death, after Adam and Eve’s disobedience, and descent into imperfection. “Surely you won’t.. die?” And “dust you are and to dust shall you return”. Which voice spoke the truth?

Are You An Old Wine Skin?

Jesus said no one likes new wine at first but prefers the old. And you can’t pour new wine into an old wine skin. We humans are all old wine skins! We are like slow plodding oxen. It takes us a while to accept something new. There’s the old wine of ET (eternal torment) or ECT (eternal conscious torment) that has been taught to us. ..And may I mention here, that torture, also – starts with a T!

There’s the old wine of rules and regulations, “the law”. The trying to earn salvation (life), the struggle of ‘being good enough’. A valuable and necessary lesson, but wouldn’t the best it could ever do – be forever struggle? Instead God, the Almighty Father, is writing that goodness upon every heart, mind and psyche. He is making Truth a part of us. Writing it in our very DNA. And Jesus is the example – the mold, the prototype.

And He, being forever “first born” and Lord of all lords, as well as “high priest forever” is working with the Father. They are scribing, etching and engraving within us, the bare boned fact that God alone is Life. There is no other life (we can have). Not successfully. It can only ever be tribulation (suffering), and apocalypse, ending in death. A literal non-being-ness. To lack life, and thus consciousness or awareness.

Jesus sits at the table and says “come and eat”.. the bread and new wine of the new covenant. (And how often do we need to eat and drink?)

The New Covenant – of how Jesus died for the sins of the world and He has overcome the world. It was all UR! From the first sacrifice. From the creation of Adam and Eve. Or before anything at all was created. We can know that, because of His Word and logic. (“Logos”, root of the word logic!)

Life(God) is good! He “is perfect” (Mt.5:48). Perfect makes no mistakes, can lose nothing, and the ‘end’ result can only be the utter best one possible.

This Crazy Imperfection

I have never taken much to “teachings” and just accepting doctrines as handed down. But over these 40 years one thing I’ve learned – er, no. I’ll never be able to stick to one thing! Lol. I feel like my studies / prayerful, contemplative, studies, using word for word translations with – these days – links to the original words used. Wow. A different story emerges. You see the creator is life.. the force itself. And that force of life can only be perfect – or it too would fade. This force of life is actually love, light and all GOOD things. Because perfect can only consist of all good. But you see the dilemma surely? If this 100% benevolent force – which of course has consciousness – so we could also call this force mind, or intelligence. And logic! (Logos?) I have no trouble calling this God. But where do some go wrong? I feel sorry for them! They are in a snare. First, many are ever ‘trying’ but never really “receiving”. Always striving, never quite feeling up to par. And of course none of us are perfect. Good grief, not by a longshot! Lol.

So if this force of intelligence is both life (itself) and perfection, then if rational – able to think, and reason creatures, or beings are formed.. If at any time one thinks, says or does anything that differs with what the 100% intelligent God chooses, they become imperfect, the opposite of life. Thus a whole new world of possibilities comes about. (Or a new tree?!)

So what are the options? No rational creatures ever? Or.. Well, how about engineering things so all thinking beings/individuals/unique personalities, somehow learn and become 100% convinced of the complete (dang it! I can’t think of the right word! the complete) idk, failure of imperfection.. it is and results in nonlife/not living. So what logic is there in going that way? As a matter of fact, it appears to me that this thing – imperfection – is an abyss! A bottomless pit of potential! I mean how imperfect can imperfection get? Looking at the world, and history, it seems to me it can get pretty darn imperfect. You may know the bible’s “missing the mark”/imperfection, is translated sin.. Which to me obscures things.. Like translating aion, root word of eon (age) as forever (and ever). Translating “correction” to punishment.. Apparently this imperfection is being let to run its course. I’m thinking all the way. But you know, when prophecy was given, and translated, they had no idea of mankind’s modern (fiery) capabilities. But let me point out how the three mentions of a lake of fire in the book of revelation are (1) at Jesus’ return “amidst fire”/Armageddon “lest all perish”. (2) At the “all in all” event of Rev.21:1-5, when God “makes ALL things new” – what disciple Peter described as “the elements melting, but we are awaiting a new heavens and a new Earth where rightness/love will rule”. And (3) at the final defeat of the (original/first) adversary in Rev.20.

As we know all who have ever lived will be resurrected, for God “knows how to preserve ..for correction on ‘day’ (age) of judgment” (review). And how I know – age, is another long topic. As is “review”.

Oh, and of course ‘hell’ should read simply “the grave” – beds with gravestones! Or graves with headboards! Lol. Both inherent immortality and hell are ancient pagan myths of king/priest collusion to insure all good citizens are obedient.

Part of this crazy imperfection is the idea life – organic can somehow come from inorganic. Don’t forget man/woman can interpret data to fit their own notions. Like millions to billions of years.. Ignoring vast evidence of catastrophe upon the Earth.. like a global year long flood.. “Science” does not support their theory.. Natural “Selection” is the separating of traits present. Death is the anomaly, not life. And yes the theory is prophesied in the bible.. To a new student of prophecy I would say read Revelation chapter 12, knowing it is an insert – a complete history all its own.. from the birth of the Son of man to the gathering (of the tares) to Armageddon (last verse, with Mt.23:39). — And 13:13 occurred in 1945, was rather huge, but pinpoints an office, not an individual. It was also seal 6 of chapter 6 but is described as a blend of its first and then last, so obscures the vision (like chap.12 does). Also is/was the “long sword” given to the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse.. The horsemen’s rides continue through the age (of our Lord a.d. and towards the ‘end’ begin to gallop?) {Seems to me there’s two extremes, the being unaware of a sprinkling of (huGe) translation errors; and on the other hand, the throwing out the baby (bible, lol) with the bath water! And both of them add to, and take away from, God’s Word(s)!


Death Consumed by Life

“Death is swallowed up in victory! O Death, where is your sting? O Hades/grave, where is your victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:54-55)

I believe our Heavenly Father is life itself, the life force. (And “is perfect” so everything He does is perfect and He has done all just as He has to bring about the utter best. Perfect makes no mistake, cannot lose anything, not one, for that would not be perfect – logos/logic.)

There being no death – no imperfection, spot, wrinkle, no impurity, no untrue thing – He will be all in all.. no speck of death/imperfection/flaw – Life will swallow all death, like light chases away/consumes darkness.. Light everywhere would be no darkness.. no shadow.. no dark corners..

“Every tongue” and heart “will wholeheartedly confess Jesus is Lord” Philippians 2:11, according to the Greek.

And it’s His administration! His program “of the ages”, His works which accomplishes it! “The Holy Spirit (His Presence) will convince the world of sin” (of “missing the mark”.. the dark-ness of it, it is death. It cannot be allowed, it kills. No one will want it – “the former things will not come to mind, nor come up in the heart”. – 1. remember, recall, call to mind, usually as affecting present feeling, thought, or action – alah: to go up, ascend, climb – leb: inner man, mind, will, heart

“For, lo, I am creating new heavens, and a new earth, And the former things are not remembered, Nor do they ascend on the heart.” – Isaiah 65:17


Biblical Eschatology

The Lord Jesus will come from heaven with His powerful angels, and in a flaming fire. (From 1 Thessalonians 1:7-8; Note: when the prophecy concerning a lake of fire was given, and translated, they had no idea of man’s modern [fiery] capabilities.)

Jesus said, “Many will come saying I am Lord.. Many false prophets will come and fool many people.. Evil will spread and cause many to stop loving others.. If you are told here is the Messiah or there He is, don’t believe it, for the coming of the Son of man will be like lightning seen from east to west, where there is a corpse there will always be buzzards. Just before then, the sun and moon will be dark and it will look as though the stars are falling and shaking.. All nations upon Earth will weep when they see Him coming upon the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and at the sound of a great trumpet He will send His angels throughout the Earth to gather His own. (From Matthew, chapter 24)

…With a blast of God’s trumpet the Lord will return from heaven.. Not every one of us will die, but we will all be changed ..At the sound of the last trumpet, the dead in Christ will rise and we will all be changed.. this mortal shall put on immortality. (From 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15. The ancient Fall Holy Day “Trumpets” is prophecy of this event, Leviticus 23.)

The rest of the dead rise not until after the thousand years (rule of Jesus upon this Earth) and then will begin “the Judgment”, prophesied by the Fall Holy Day called “Day of Atonement”. And “whoever will not afflict their soul on that day will be cut off from the people”. (Leviticus 23)

John 12:32, Jesus said He will draw all to Himself.

Every knee shall bend and every tongue will wholeheartedly -according to the Greek word used – confess Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God the Father of us.. All the ends of Earth will turn to the LORD, and all families of the nations will worship and rejoice before Him. (Philippians 2:10-11 and Psalm 22:27)

The bear will graze with the cow, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. (Isaiah 11:7) Every one will live under their own vine and fruit tree and no one will bother them.. (Micah 4:4)

From Isaiah 45:23 – I the LORD have sworn by oath, that unto Me shall every knee bow.

God is love, and love never fails. (1 John 4:8 and 1 Corinthians 13:8)

The ‘End’