To Be Expected Sooner or Later ACCORDING TO Bible Prophecy

Prophecy That Has Occurred:

A Great sign! A virgin conceived a manchild/the Son of man ~ Rev.12:1-2

The dragon via Herod the Great tried to destroy Him – Rev.12:14 (Note: angels also are endowed with thinking and reasoning, thus they have the ability to make choices)

The crucifixion – Jesus is the [Passover] Lamb, earthquake – Jerusalem Temple curtain torn

In tomb 3 days and nights as the [Unleavened Bread] of Life

Rose on [Firstfruits] as the Firstfruit ( or “first” Greek word – “proto”)

Ascended -> to the right hand of the Throne of God – Rev.12:5

Holy Spirit baptisms poured out on [Pentecost]

70 A.D. the destruction of Jerusalem, and the faith flees, largely, to a different place – Rev.12:6

In the Past – but Prophecy When Written:

(Heavenly battle, Rev.12:7-12)

The Inquisition – Rev.12:13

The faith -> to a new place via eagle wings 🦅and kept safe from the face  of the dragon for a 3.5 division of time – Rev.12:14

The False Prophet’s Strong Delusion brings cultural Falling Away, seats man in the temple as god/highest power deciding good & evil – And gives modern miracle and wonder of –

Seal 6 (a ‘wax’ seal on the scroll which is the Revelation vision) is broken open & told as its FULL effects, from its first to last – in chapter 6, at its first occurrence – Rev.6:12-17; 13:13; 1945 [The way it’s described – as a blend, a sort of whirlwind of its first and last effects – veils both the vision, and what seal 6 is.]

The winds (of seal 6) are then held back – Rev.7:1,3 ..This is where we are still at right now. [Note to Christians, Rev.7 lists 2 groups sealed on their foreheads (clarity?) one counted and one too many to count, they later become the 2 witnesses of chapter 11?]

Still future as of 10/24/20

The Holding Back is interrupted – Rev.8 (a fiery crises/event)

Then the “image of” the Geopolitical Rev.13:1 (of TODAY) is given breath/authority via the 13:13 OFFICE (or someone having been in that office?) – Rev.13:5 – A harnessing or clandestine morphing (also) with those who carry out Rev.20:4’s.. “strangers will be among you” (Isaiah 1:7)

A seven year treaty/league with the many is celebrated – Dan.9:27

Which is broken with Israel in the middle (approx.) – Dan.12:11 (Completion of Mark 13:1-2?)

1,290 days or approx. 3.5 years plus 30 days later, the Final Desolation by Abomination, this time on the human temple.. (think 666) is required in order to buy or sell (later causes boils)

Happy the one who waits, and comes to 45 days later – Dan.12:12

The last “10 days” (Rev.2:10) however, it escalates to critical? (13:15-16)

Last of the [Trumpets] – fiery Armageddon, the bowls of the final results of mankind’s doings, lightning, hail, great earthquake, written around 90AD, moisture rises & freezes in a mushroom cloud, higher it rises, larger the hail – Fire lake – this is when all dead believers rise; all fallen angels are rounded up and locked away for a “thousand years” – Rev.20

“The Thousand Years” upon Earth, under and in the presence of Christ – Rev.20 (there are survivors of Armageddon)


The final defeat of the adversary&co. via a flood of fire when he with human followers attack

Then all of the dead [initially and metaphorically doa] rise to ‘Day’ of Judgment/Decision/Kolasis, Greek for “Correction” [Day of Atonement] and review of all history

The Re-genesis – “all made new” – when the elements melt in a furious heat  (fiery lake) and there is a new heavens and Earth – God who is Life/Love/Truth/Perfection is now “all in all” and will [Tabernacle] dwell with mankind upon Earth.

“The bear will graze with the cow.. the lion will eat straw like the ox.” Isaiah 11:7

Everyone having learned Good from evil, and how imperfection is an abyss and can only ever result in trouble (tribulation), ruin (apocalypse), and ultimately death (not being). So just how futile is it..? God being Life suffers and lives through it all.. Just HOW  is He to create genuinely able to think and reason beings – and – keep paradise/perfection intact?

If You Like Riddles, or Homework:

🗝’s to the Revelation vision

[1]the seals R described as its fuLL effects 1st to last [2]ch12 is an insert-vs17 + mt23:39 [3]we r @ 7:1 [4]it’s mystery babble-on that becomes the global (on 7 hills/continents) wicked $ity [5]13:13 was an office [6]13:1 = 2dAy’s geopolitical [7] in Rev.22 there’s narrative outside the vision

The vision is told 3 times

(a) 6:1-11:19 (b) ch.12 (c) 13:1-19:11

Notice how 6:1 and 19:11 match.

Did Translators Run With Some Words And Verses?

The Lord said “all those in the tombs” (graves) “will hear His voice and will come forth” (from the graves/tombs) “..some in the resurrection of life, and some in the resurrection of judgment” (Jn.5:28-29). Which is “after the thousand years” (Rev.20:5 is needed).

     And he also said, Matthew 25:46 – “these will go away into aionian-kolasis AGELASTING-CORRECTION” (translated, everlasting punishment) “but the righteous into aionian life” (the millennium).


The verse (study tool’s literal w/ links to the original words wrtten):


Aion aionion aionios (eternal?)

Can an adjective be greater than its noun?




Mt.5:28 – “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming when all who are in their graves will hear His voice 29 and come out—those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of judgment.

Mt.25:46 – (Young’s LITERAL Translation) – “And these shall go away to punishment [kolasis] age-during, but the righteous to life age-during.”

Christian Universalism Fulfilled By The Fall Holy Days

(1)TRUMPETS of Rev, 🔥2Pet.2:10 the Lord’s return; followed by

       10days/1000yrs – the millennium

(2)DAY OF ATONEMENT – Mt.25:46 – “agelasting correction” for all who rise “still in their sins/missing the mark” (as in imperfect).

       5days/500yrs duration

(3)TABERNACLES/Tents 🔥2Pet.3:12-13; Rev.21:1-5; and 1Cor.15:28 – the “all in all/all made new” event. ⛺️🏕 “You will live with us in all your glory” Ps.85:9 CEV.

Stranger Than Fiction

History Outline/Sketch From A Biblical Perspective

Cain slew Abel (A sort of king slew priest spirit? Early ruling partnerships were king/priest). This early act seems to portray the – political – history of nations,  as a constant competition for dominance. History of the peoples may be a completely different story, and likely is.

About 2000 years of ‘prehistory’.

Then man built the first tower, Babel Tower in Mesopotamia, land of red clay, in order to reach to the stars. “Nothing will be beyond them” God said.. reaching a culmination so early on? So he confused the languages and humanity spread to the Nile Valley, the Danube River Valley, the Indus Valley of India, called “fertile crescents” (along with Mesopotamia) and eventually over all the Earth.

Almost 2000 years later is when the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built, and beginning portions of the Great Wall of China. The Indus Valley Civilization was flourishing, as was the Norte Chico civilization in Peru, oldest civilization of the Americas.

It wasn’t for another 500 years or so that God called Abraham – later grandfather of the twelve tribes of Israel – out of Babylon. This was around the time of Stonehenge.

The twelve tribes became slaves in Egypt for four hundred years. Then was “the Exodus” via the parting of the Red Sea and Israel moved into Canaan. But instead of thoroughly delivering the lands from the barbaric practice of child and infant sacrifice to Baal-Molech (by burning alive) eventually Israel fell under its sway. Even after building a rather elaborate tent, and then a temple for Yahweh (Most High God). 

Iron is first forged in the Nok Culture in what is today Nigeria.

The First King of Israel – 1,000 BCE. Israel requested a king, but Yhwh (Yahweh) had tried to discourage it “do as they ask” he said, “but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign-over them will claim as his rights.” (1 Samuel 8:9)

Assyria and Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and carried many of the people first off to Assyria, then off to Babylon. This included the Prophet Daniel, who prophesied of Alexander the Great (Dan.8:8) among others. This was about the time of the travels and teachings of “the Buddha” in India, and Confucius in China.

But after seventy years, the temple was rebuilt, while to the west, Greece and Athens were having a golden age.

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle.. (A famous student of Aristotle was Alexander the great.)

Rome grew dominant but the language commonly spoken, and the culture, was Greek.

221 BCE, Imperial China begins. By 212 (BCE) the walls of China join, forming the Great Wall as a defense against the fierce Mongols to the north.

The Arab trade routes and the “Silk Road” from China bring spice, incense and other luxuries to the west.

Hail Augustus Caesar, nephew and adopted son of Julius Caesar, and the first Roman emperor. Rome, from a republic, is now an empire. (27 BC )

Jesus is born 6 BC to 1 AD and is crucified 27-33 AD, and says “if he is lifted up” (executed on a Roman cross) “he will draw all” (Jn.12:32).

Christian martyrdom begins, the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life are written, Paul, pursuer, jailer and even killer of Christians, turns believer and writes most of the rest of the New Testament as letters written to groups of early believers he had a large role in establishing. And John, only disciple not executed, receives “from Jesus” the Book of Revelation vision which shows main elements that progress through the latter age (the year’s of our Lord, AD/CE).

     In a dramatic scene Jesus unrolls the Revelation scroll which is sealed with seven seals (presumedly wax seals). As he breaks each seal off the scroll, and unfurls it, at the first four breakings, out come riding one of what is called the four horsemen of the apocalypse. So called because their rides, becoming gallops(?) continue growing and progressing until ‘the end’. They are (1) a rider on a white horse, riding forth conquering. This is the gospel, the “good news for all”. (Most eschatology belief sort of places this rider last, according to history that is. The Seals, so called, do escalate or become magnified towards the conclusion.) Next (2) is a red horse and rider, wars. Man’s unwanted but persistent companion. Then (3) a black horse.. inequity and shortages a product of wars, along with (4) a pale rider and horse, pandemics, pestilences, plagues, including chemical as in the world wars, for after this rider “follows the grave”. Including the mass grave.

When He breaks open the fifth seal, we see martyrdom symbolized as continuing through the age, and next the breaking open of the sixth seal shows something HUGE occurring.. Or perhaps it especially seems that way because the seal events are described – here at the beginning of the vision – as their FULL effects from their first to their last. War “was given a very long, or great sword” Rev.6:12-17; 13:13 (6:4).

“After this” John says, “I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth holding back its four winds so that no wind would blow, harming land, or sea, or any tree” Rev.7:1 and 3. It seems obvious, interruption of this holding back of 7:1 will see world events escalate towards the culmination (of mankind’s choices and doings, and of this unavoidable learning of good from evil, which is also life from death, true from not true). John dies an old man full of years.

Golden age of the Han Dynasty in China – 206 B.C. to 220 A.D.

In 313, Roman Emperor Constantine declares the empire ‘Christian’ and the “bishop of Rome” in retrospect, is first called pope. (Sort of a new king-priest line to rule the lands.)

The Roman Empire, at its borders, fought with European northern barbaric (so called uncivilized) tribes like the Saxons, Goths (Visigoths and Ostrogoths), Franks, Vandals, Huns, for many years until Rome itself was sacked, bringing about what has been called the dark ages (and was the early Middle Ages, early European medieval times) from 476 to about 800 (or 1000 according to other reckoning).

Plague of Justinian killed up to 10,000 people a day, 561 CE.

622, Muhammad (the more accurate spelling) begins the first Islamic state.. and the Muslim conquest from the Nile Valley to the fertile crescent in the Middle East.

The Arab slave trade of East African people around the Indian Ocean and the Sahara began.

Meanwhile, through the age there are so many wars we can barely count them. Universities and Cathedrals are built, as well as London Bridge and Tower of London.

The first inquisition (by ‘authorities’ not the people) was set up in 1184 and inquisitions continued for about 700 years. But burning ‘heretics’ at the stake began earlier (yesteryear’s Rev.13:13?)

In 1299 the Ottoman Empire was founded, a caliphate that controlled a lot of Southeast Europe, West Asia, and North Africa up to 1923.

Wars continue, the Magna Charter, of (some) individual rights vs. the King and rulers, was written in 1215. The Renaissance began around 1300. Ming Dynasty, China..

The Bubonic Plague or Black Death, deadliest pandemic recorded in history, resulted in the deaths of up to 75–200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa, from 1346 to 1353.

The printing press was invented in 1440, and the industrial revolution began in 1760, forty years after a portion of Christianity, “with wings like eagles” sailed to “the new world” and grew to overpower three (European) nations laying claim to that world (Rev.12:14; Dan.7:8). Meant to live in peace with, and learn from the indigenous peoples, and they in turn learn from them? Well. It certainly could have been a potential ..and maybe was for a year or two. Until “government” was big on the scene. (Is it any wonder biblical prophecy calls human governings, beasts? The prophesied last one being global, and man’s last great idol to replace God Most High.)

An age of European colonialism – of the exploration and conquest of many lands – began about 1500. This followed the discovery of a sea route around Africa’s southern peninsula in 1488, and the discovery of America in 1492.

1519 sees the beginning of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, also known as the Conquest of Mexico. It was a main event in the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

The Portuguese, in 1526, completed the first transatlantic slave voyage (to Brazil) and other European nations soon followed suit. South America (especially Brazil) became the home of millions of African South Americans.

Napolean rose to power during the french revolution and declared himself emperor in 1804, and in 1806 brought about the fall of the Holy Roman Empire.

In 1848 Marx (and Engels) published “The Communist Manifesto”. In 1859 Charles Darwin published His theory in his book “On The Origins Of Species”. [These two becoming the modern king and ‘priest’ (rule) of ‘last days’?]

Imperialism, alliances of nations, and the independence dispute of Serbian nations situated between Ottoman expansion (gone into decline) and western interests, all mixed to become WW1. ..Which began with a terrorist act, and resulted in huge losses of life (1914-1918).

In 1917 Lenin transformed the failing Russian Empire into “the Soviet State”, called the Soviet Union.. From a monarchy to a Socialist state. (Famous Lenin quotes: The goal of socialism is communism; Fascism is capitalism in decay; Sometimes history needs a push; A lie told often enough becomes the truth; Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.)

The Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, and H1N1 influenza A, was an unusually deadly pandemic from February 1918 to April 1920, and infected 500 million people (about a third of the world’s population at the time) and caused 50 million deaths.

1918, Hitler joined the German Workers Party, rose to power by playing on and stirring up the frustrations of post war Germans. He is voted Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

Oil was discovered and drilled in the U.S. then in the Middle East and elsewhere. Certain technological advances occurred, and soon oil became the preferred energy source for electric lighting and the automobile. By 1919, oil was powering ships, trucks, tanks, and military planes in WW2, and by now was a great geopolitical prize, which has resulted in opposing alliances concerning the world’s oil reserves and its marketing.

Five million people died of starvation in the Soviet Union, under “Father Stalin” between 1931 and 1934. About a hundred thousand more died in his “great purge” 1936-1938.

WW2 was fought from September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945, causing 70 to 85 million deaths, including 11 million during “the holocaust” from 1941 to 1945. It saw the hugely impacting development of thermonuclear weaponry when the U.S. detonated two nuclear weapons over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in August of 1945 (with the consent of the United Kingdom, as required by “the Quebec Agreement”).

In October of 1945 the United Nations was formed, sort of a rebirth of the League of Nations which hadn’t lasted long. And because a number of countries in Europe and Asia adopted communist governments in the late 1940s, the “cold war” meant to prevent communist expansion began.

Mahatma Gandhi was leader of India’s non-violent independence movement against British colonial rule, via peaceful forms of civil disobedience and organized boycotts. He inspired others like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, and still influences the world today. He was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic, who disapproved of his tolerance toward Muslims, in 1948.

China became a communist state in 1949, Vietnam in 1945 – U.S. President Truman had said “we’ll help any country battle communism” known as the Truman Doctrine – Cuba, became a communist state in 1959, and Lao in 1975.

     The theory of Socialism is the state, on behalf of the people, controls production. In Communism the state controls both production and consumption [distribution? sharing..] and private property is not allowed.

Why are we allowed to do all this? Confucius say, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” …?

     [Note: the whole matter being(?) Just HOW do you have genuinely able to think and reason beings, aNd, keep paradise/perfection intact?]

Things To Come

We (christian universalism) can’t seem to totally shake the idea of ‘punishment’. The first thing that seemed to me to point away from ‘punishment’ and toward results and consequences, is how “we didn’t choose Him”. If He chooses WHEN a person repents, is reconciled, and reborn (3r’s of CU, lol) why would their repentance be more strident than ours? In a sense, we were ‘punished’ but I don’t think of it that way. I even think the “wrath of God” is a spiritual natural law of not only results and consequences, but of perfection. Ultimately a Great Unbreakable/Iron Law of Perfection. This being because God Most High is both Life (itself, the breath and spark of) and He “is perfect” (mt.5:48). Therefore imperfection can only ever be trouble/tribulation, ruin/apocalypse, and ultimately death/not being, opposite of Life. Imperfection being a bottomless pit actually, which history is proving.

And I believe “lake of fire” is Earthly prophecy like any other. Jude 7 tells us what hellfire is. Not a place, but event.

How does God (SO wise) create genuinely able to think and reason beings, aNd, keep paradise/perfection intact?? I guess He includes a visible option of imperfection/straying, in the original garden of life, engineer everything so “all in heaven and earth” take this unavoidable journey/lesson all together at once, and then let it run its course. Interfering only at dire apocalyptic times and by building the remedy into it all “from the foundation”/blueprint/beginning.
After all “God is the savior of all” (1Tim.4:10). And what are we learning? By our beginning in a beautiful, lush garden, but ending with scorched Earth?

2 Peter 3:10-13 seems to be a lake of fire at the time of the Lord’s return (which Biblically, is when the tares are gathered to be burned, and the wheat is gathered ‘into His barn’).. With enough chain reaction to make the “Earth shake to and fro” (Isaiah 24:20). This at the beginning of the Lord’s long second advent. And then at the end of it, another lake of fire when He hands all things over to the Father, who is a “consuming fire”, the “elements melting in ferocious heat and there is a new heavens and a new Earth wherein righteousness will dwell” and God “will now tabernacle/tent/dwell with mankind” and God will be “all in all” (Rev.21:2-5; 1Cor.15:22-28; 2Pet.3:12-13).

Also! One at the final defeat of the adversary (Rev.20). Right in between the millennium/“thousand years” and “the judgment”. Like an outline, I realize right this minute, the three mentions of “lake of fire” in the Book of Revelation.

You see, I’m quite sure the Lord’s long second advent is typified, foreshadowed and represented by the ancient Fall holy days (of Lev.23) like His first one was by the Spring ones. [Proving Christian Universalism!]

The pattern being (1)Trumpets (of Rev. and the last Trump(et) – 10days/1000yrs later – (2)Day Of Atonement (Judgment ‘Day’ – of “kolasis” – CORRECTION” and at end of, if anyone is still not entered into the book of life, they will have to pass through the (fiery/purifying) “all made new” event while not yet born again – and it’s 5days/500yrs to – (3)Tabernacles!! (500 years to be brought to repentance!)

Afterall since He is Perfect, the ‘end’ result of all this – history and life as we presently know it – has to be the very best one possible. Perfect makes no mistakes, and cannot lose anyone, as to lose even one, cannot be said to be “perfect”.
I want to get this amazing info out! It doesn’t belong to me. Truth belongs to all, and is to be shared.


Things To Consider

“How can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard?”

Ro.10:14 ..When will they hear? During Judgment ‘Day’ (AGE).

Lake Of Fire is prophecy. (1)At Jesus’ return. Tares gather to, wheat in barn. (2)At the final defeat of the adversary. (3)At the “all made new” event.


Winds Of Time

Politically speaking, do you ever feel like we’re being herded? At my house we watch “Walton’s Mountain”.. I found out it’s based on (in large part) a movie called Spencer’s Mountain. ..Instead of John Boy, it’s Clay Boy. (Lol.)
When you watch shows like that you see how much life and culture has changed.. From family and simple life, lived close to the Earth. Some good changes of course.. But we threw the baby out with the bath water!

Of course there always was the cities.. and the world, the one created by mankind.. and history. Many folks may think we’re progressing.. going forward. But the Bible says the pit has opened wide its mouth and the nations will parade, carous and agitate their way into it.. Prophet Isaiah, I believe. Of course the translators translated it as “hell has opened wide its mouth..” And in a way they’re right. (But it’s earthly prophecy like any other. Even the fiery part.)

But after that comes resurrection! Jesus said ““all those in the tombs” (graves) “will hear His voice and will come forth” (from the graves) “..some into aionian life” called “the resurrection of life” and “the thousand years”/millennium) ..”And some in the resurrection of agelasting correction (aionian kolasis)” called ‘Day’ of Judgment. (Jn.5:28-29; Mt.25:46)

And after that, “God makes all new”. (Rev.21:1-5) “The elements will melt in a furious heat ..a new heavens and a new Earth..” (2Pet.3:12-13) “The lion will eat straw like the ox, the bear will graze with the cow”. (Is.11:7)
Feed My Sheep (Bible) Reading Schedule


Eschatology 2

It’s “after the thousand years” that all “the rest of the dead will rise” Rev.20, which of course begins the ‘day’ (age) of judgment described as “kolasis” – correction!

His long 2nd advent being modeled after (prefigured by) the Fall Holy days of Lev.23, of – Trumpets, 10 days/1000yrs later – Day Of Atonement (and kolasis! DOA for the initially doa) 5 days/500yrs later – Tabernacles, “God will now tabernacle (tent/dwell) with man upon the “new Earth wherein righteousness/rightness will dwell” because God/love will rule!

His first advent fulfilled perfectly the Spring Holy days aNd their pattern, though it’s not easy to see (“theoreo”) as Passover and 1st day of Unleavened Bread are called interchangeably.. and there’s 3 sabbaths of the week, thus three preparation days.. And of course the days begin at sunset rather than midnight, and both Hebrew hours/time and Roman are used in the gospels.. But He was, as we know our Passover Lamb.. dying on that specific hour of the Passover sacrifices.. was placed in the grave as 1st day of Unleavened Bread was beginning and rose exactly 3 nights later as the regular weekly Sabbath was ending and the third Holy Day was beginning called “Firstfruits” – “Christ the firstfruits”.

1Cor.15:22-28 tells it perfectly “as in Adam all die, in Christ all will live but each in their own order – God being Life and “is perfect”, imperfect can ONLY ever be trouble (tribulation), ruin (apocalypse both individual and collective!) and ultimately death (not being) – “then (2nd)those that are His at His coming… then at the ‘end’ (3rd)when He hands all things over to God that God may be all in all” – everything to everyone! Mt.13:33, key ‘word’ three!

When Jesus returns the tares have gathered to be burned (not ‘hell’ but the huge armageddon battle/chain reaction so much so that the “Earth will shake to and fro” Is.24:20 (or 20:24?). And the wheat is gathered into His barn, and “on that day His feet shall stand on Mt of Olives” (Zech.14:4) from where they saw Him go up.. And so shall we (believers) be ever with the Lord..  (we are the 3rd temple?).. Our Day of Atonement being during “what’s called today” – not our choice, but His (not by merit, etc.) but because a mighty Truth proving drama/theater needs more than one (sort of) character? ..And Yhvh will be “all in all”.

2Pet.3:10 & 12,13 being bookend events of His long 2nd advent, vs 10 at His return and appearing, and 12,13 being the “all in all” event of “making ALL new”. Other mention of lake of fire in Rev. besides at these 2 events, is at the adversary’s final defeat just before “the judgment” Jesus spoke of.

Jude 7 afterall tells us exactly what ‘hellfire’ is. Not a place. But an event.

Isaiah 11:7 – “The bear will graze with the cow, and the lion will eat straw like the ox”.

And Matthew 25:46 – “..These will go away into aionian-agelasting kolasis-CORRECTION” (translated, everlasting punishment, oye!) “but the righteous into aionian life” (the millennium!)

Eschatology 1

Modern history.. We’re in the desert.. the wind rises.. fast riders on galloping horses come thundering past one by one.. The first on a white horse. He is wearing a crown of ruling and victory.. A new age began. The gospel rode and rides forth into the world conquering and to conquer, making an open show over all other powers and principalities, ultimately tumbling them from their powerful heights of power.

“…A light to the nation’s.. salvation to the ends of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6

“As it was in the days of Lot.. on the day Lot left it rained hellfire.. THE example of the penalty of aionios fire.” – Luke 17:28-29;Jude 7

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” — Jesus, Mt.12:25

From the agitated sea of humanity will (fully) rise the “beast more terrible” which has ten horns (seats). And also iron teeth (columns?) and bronze claws (Rev.13:1; Dan.7:7,19) showing it to have Roman/Graeco (western) foundations (Dan.2:31-45).

But first – Seal 6 – thermonuclear chain reaction as warfare – which is currently being held in check – see Rev.7:1 – and NOTE! – the seals are described as their FULL effects from their first, to their last (effects at the end) – This (long, to us) pause will be interrupted, and a crises not to be wasted, for then is when both “beasts” of Rev.13 will ‘step up’ and be very prominent on the world stage.

Verse 13:13 is the same first occurrence of Seal 6, and pinpoints an office (which becomes beast 2, the final little horn, which rose among a cluster of ten, and by its growth uprooted three in the land of Rev.12:14 (the chapter can be read as an insert and total history on its own).

As is believed, they will forge a seven year peace with many, but in the middle, will break it against Israel (Rev.12:17) by “taking away their sacred place”. And 3.5 (Hebrew) years plus thirty days later, will “set up” the final desolating abomination (this time upon the human temple meant for God’s Spirit? I.e., the notorious 666 apparatus. “And happy the one who waits and comes to 45 days later” – Dan.12:11-12. And somewhere along the line will be five months of widespread Marshall Law, enforced by what looked to John like locusts which can sting from their head and tail. (Rev.9:3,9,10)

But also (meanwhile) wicked $ity Babylon (babble on and on) which has corrupted culture, society and family, upon all seven continents no less, shall fall. For ‘she’ rides the huge beast of 13:1, but what will happen when the huge beast rides her? – Rev.17:12 and 16, the ten horns/seats/kings will devour her and raze her with fire. Finally, Socialism will destroy Capitalism gone extreme and “pornos” (Greek for harlot).

Widespread drought having swallowed her waters (Rev.12:16).