About & My Other Blogs

What is Life, is another way to ask the question, what is reality. What is truth. It’s popular in some circles, to say there is no truth. It’s all relative and each person determines what’s true. [Um, no wonder the world is in such a mess? lol]

That seems like a good place to start! In this, finding and nurturing the quietness where truth can be seen. When studying, researching and considering just what something might be, or mean, usually the answer is the most logical thing! Posting thoughts about truth and life.

MY OTHER BLOGS – I’m no longer very active on, but there’s tons of information! I’ve been studying for a long time. I had time to study! I want to pass on what I’ve learned before my time here is over!

Inner Monastery – monastic mumblings – listening to God in the silence

Bible Prophecy For Today – studies of the Book of Revelation/Apocalypse, Bible Prophecy in poem, in articles, in outline, and my favorite, in pictures

Have We Lost Some Of The Gospel Message? – Are there any subtle mistranslations of God’s Word(s)? We didn’t pick up any sort of baggage along the way did we? All in light of God’s Word!

A ‘Study’ of a few years back, but really should go back and add to it(?) – Science? or Belief?