To Be Expected Sooner or Later ACCORDING TO Bible Prophecy

Prophecy That Has Occurred:

A Great sign! A virgin conceived a manchild/the Son of man ~ Rev.12:1-2

The dragon via Herod the Great tried to destroy Him – Rev.12:14 (Note: angels also are endowed with thinking and reasoning, thus they have the ability to make choices)

The crucifixion – Jesus is the [Passover] Lamb, earthquake – Jerusalem Temple curtain torn

In tomb 3 days and nights as the [Unleavened Bread] of Life

Rose on [Firstfruits] as the Firstfruit ( or “first” Greek word – “proto”)

Ascended -> to the right hand of the Throne of God – Rev.12:5

Holy Spirit baptisms poured out on [Pentecost]

70 A.D. the destruction of Jerusalem, and the faith flees, largely, to a different place – Rev.12:6

In the Past – but Prophecy When Written:

(Heavenly battle, Rev.12:7-12)

The Inquisition – Rev.12:13

The faith -> to a new place via eagle wings 🦅and kept safe from the face  of the dragon for a 3.5 division of time – Rev.12:14

The False Prophet’s Strong Delusion brings cultural Falling Away, seats man in the temple as god/highest power deciding good & evil – And gives modern miracle and wonder of –

Seal 6 (a ‘wax’ seal on the scroll which is the Revelation vision) is broken open & told as its FULL effects, from its first to last – in chapter 6, at its first occurrence – Rev.6:12-17; 13:13; 1945 [The way it’s described – as a blend, a sort of whirlwind of its first and last effects – veils both the vision, and what seal 6 is.]

The winds (of seal 6) are then held back – Rev.7:1,3 ..This is where we are still at right now. [Note to Christians, Rev.7 lists 2 groups sealed on their foreheads (clarity?) one counted and one too many to count, they later become the 2 witnesses of chapter 11?]

Still future as of 10/24/20

The Holding Back is interrupted – Rev.8 (a fiery crises/event)

Then the “image of” the Geopolitical Rev.13:1 (of TODAY) is given breath/authority via the 13:13 OFFICE (or someone having been in that office?) – Rev.13:5 – A harnessing or clandestine morphing (also) with those who carry out Rev.20:4’s.. “strangers will be among you” (Isaiah 1:7)

A seven year treaty/league with the many is celebrated – Dan.9:27

Which is broken with Israel in the middle (approx.) – Dan.12:11 (Completion of Mark 13:1-2?)

1,290 days or approx. 3.5 years plus 30 days later, the Final Desolation by Abomination, this time on the human temple.. (think 666) is required in order to buy or sell (later causes boils)

Happy the one who waits, and comes to 45 days later – Dan.12:12

The last “10 days” (Rev.2:10) however, it escalates to critical? (13:15-16)

Last of the [Trumpets] – fiery Armageddon, the bowls of the final results of mankind’s doings, lightning, hail, great earthquake, written around 90AD, moisture rises & freezes in a mushroom cloud, higher it rises, larger the hail – Fire lake – this is when all dead believers rise; all fallen angels are rounded up and locked away for a “thousand years” – Rev.20

“The Thousand Years” upon Earth, under and in the presence of Christ – Rev.20 (there are survivors of Armageddon)


The final defeat of the adversary&co. via a flood of fire when he with human followers attack

Then all of the dead [initially and metaphorically doa] rise to ‘Day’ of Judgment/Decision/Kolasis, Greek for “Correction” [Day of Atonement] and review of all history

The Re-genesis – “all made new” – when the elements melt in a furious heat  (fiery lake) and there is a new heavens and Earth – God who is Life/Love/Truth/Perfection is now “all in all” and will [Tabernacle] dwell with mankind upon Earth.

“The bear will graze with the cow.. the lion will eat straw like the ox.” Isaiah 11:7

Everyone having learned Good from evil, and how imperfection is an abyss and can only ever result in trouble (tribulation), ruin (apocalypse), and ultimately death (not being). So just how futile is it..? God being Life suffers and lives through it all.. Just HOW  is He to create genuinely able to think and reason beings – and – keep paradise/perfection intact?

If You Like Riddles, or Homework:

🗝’s to the Revelation vision

[1]the seals R described as its fuLL effects 1st to last [2]ch12 is an insert-vs17 + mt23:39 [3]we r @ 7:1 [4]it’s mystery babble-on that becomes the global (on 7 hills/continents) wicked $ity [5]13:13 was an office [6]13:1 = 2dAy’s geopolitical [7] in Rev.22 there’s narrative outside the vision

The vision is told 3 times

(a) 6:1-11:19 (b) ch.12 (c) 13:1-19:11

Notice how 6:1 and 19:11 match.