Things To Come

We (christian universalism) can’t seem to totally shake the idea of ‘punishment’. The first thing that seemed to me to point away from ‘punishment’ and toward results and consequences, is how “we didn’t choose Him”. If He chooses WHEN a person repents, is reconciled, and reborn (3r’s of CU, lol) why would their repentance be more strident than ours? In a sense, we were ‘punished’ but I don’t think of it that way. I even think the “wrath of God” is a spiritual natural law of not only results and consequences, but of perfection. Ultimately a Great Unbreakable/Iron Law of Perfection. This being because God Most High is both Life (itself, the breath and spark of) and He “is perfect” (mt.5:48). Therefore imperfection can only ever be trouble/tribulation, ruin/apocalypse, and ultimately death/not being, opposite of Life. Imperfection being a bottomless pit actually, which history is proving.

And I believe “lake of fire” is Earthly prophecy like any other. Jude 7 tells us what hellfire is. Not a place, but event.

How does God (SO wise) create genuinely able to think and reason beings, aNd, keep paradise/perfection intact?? I guess He includes a visible option of imperfection/straying, in the original garden of life, engineer everything so “all in heaven and earth” take this unavoidable journey/lesson all together at once, and then let it run its course. Interfering only at dire apocalyptic times and by building the remedy into it all “from the foundation”/blueprint/beginning.
After all “God is the savior of all” (1Tim.4:10). And what are we learning? By our beginning in a beautiful, lush garden, but ending with scorched Earth?

2 Peter 3:10-13 seems to be a lake of fire at the time of the Lord’s return (which Biblically, is when the tares are gathered to be burned, and the wheat is gathered ‘into His barn’).. With enough chain reaction to make the “Earth shake to and fro” (Isaiah 24:20). This at the beginning of the Lord’s long second advent. And then at the end of it, another lake of fire when He hands all things over to the Father, who is a “consuming fire”, the “elements melting in ferocious heat and there is a new heavens and a new Earth wherein righteousness will dwell” and God “will now tabernacle/tent/dwell with mankind” and God will be “all in all” (Rev.21:2-5; 1Cor.15:22-28; 2Pet.3:12-13).

Also! One at the final defeat of the adversary (Rev.20). Right in between the millennium/“thousand years” and “the judgment”. Like an outline, I realize right this minute, the three mentions of “lake of fire” in the Book of Revelation.

You see, I’m quite sure the Lord’s long second advent is typified, foreshadowed and represented by the ancient Fall holy days (of Lev.23) like His first one was by the Spring ones. [Proving Christian Universalism!]

The pattern being (1)Trumpets (of Rev. and the last Trump(et) – 10days/1000yrs later – (2)Day Of Atonement (Judgment ‘Day’ – of “kolasis” – CORRECTION” and at end of, if anyone is still not entered into the book of life, they will have to pass through the (fiery/purifying) “all made new” event while not yet born again – and it’s 5days/500yrs to – (3)Tabernacles!! (500 years to be brought to repentance!)

Afterall since He is Perfect, the ‘end’ result of all this – history and life as we presently know it – has to be the very best one possible. Perfect makes no mistakes, and cannot lose anyone, as to lose even one, cannot be said to be “perfect”.
I want to get this amazing info out! It doesn’t belong to me. Truth belongs to all, and is to be shared.