Winds Of Time

Politically speaking, do you ever feel like we’re being herded? At my house we watch “Walton’s Mountain”.. I found out it’s based on (in large part) a movie called Spencer’s Mountain. ..Instead of John Boy, it’s Clay Boy. (Lol.)
When you watch shows like that you see how much life and culture has changed.. From family and simple life, lived close to the Earth. Some good changes of course.. But we threw the baby out with the bath water!

Of course there always was the cities.. and the world, the one created by mankind.. and history. Many folks may think we’re progressing.. going forward. But the Bible says the pit has opened wide its mouth and the nations will parade, carous and agitate their way into it.. Prophet Isaiah, I believe. Of course the translators translated it as “hell has opened wide its mouth..” And in a way they’re right. (But it’s earthly prophecy like any other. Even the fiery part.)

But after that comes resurrection! Jesus said ““all those in the tombs” (graves) “will hear His voice and will come forth” (from the graves) “..some into aionian life” called “the resurrection of life” and “the thousand years”/millennium) ..”And some in the resurrection of agelasting correction (aionian kolasis)” called ‘Day’ of Judgment. (Jn.5:28-29; Mt.25:46)

And after that, “God makes all new”. (Rev.21:1-5) “The elements will melt in a furious heat ..a new heavens and a new Earth..” (2Pet.3:12-13) “The lion will eat straw like the ox, the bear will graze with the cow”. (Is.11:7)
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