Eschatology 2

It’s “after the thousand years” that all “the rest of the dead will rise” Rev.20, which of course begins the ‘day’ (age) of judgment described as “kolasis” – correction!

His long 2nd advent being modeled after (prefigured by) the Fall Holy days of Lev.23, of – Trumpets, 10 days/1000yrs later – Day Of Atonement (and kolasis! DOA for the initially doa) 5 days/500yrs later – Tabernacles, “God will now tabernacle (tent/dwell) with man upon the “new Earth wherein righteousness/rightness will dwell” because God/love will rule!

His first advent fulfilled perfectly the Spring Holy days aNd their pattern, though it’s not easy to see (“theoreo”) as Passover and 1st day of Unleavened Bread are called interchangeably.. and there’s 3 sabbaths of the week, thus three preparation days.. And of course the days begin at sunset rather than midnight, and both Hebrew hours/time and Roman are used in the gospels.. But He was, as we know our Passover Lamb.. dying on that specific hour of the Passover sacrifices.. was placed in the grave as 1st day of Unleavened Bread was beginning and rose exactly 3 nights later as the regular weekly Sabbath was ending and the third Holy Day was beginning called “Firstfruits” – “Christ the firstfruits”.

1Cor.15:22-28 tells it perfectly “as in Adam all die, in Christ all will live but each in their own order – God being Life and “is perfect”, imperfect can ONLY ever be trouble (tribulation), ruin (apocalypse both individual and collective!) and ultimately death (not being) – “then (2nd)those that are His at His coming… then at the ‘end’ (3rd)when He hands all things over to God that God may be all in all” – everything to everyone! Mt.13:33, key ‘word’ three!

When Jesus returns the tares have gathered to be burned (not ‘hell’ but the huge armageddon battle/chain reaction so much so that the “Earth will shake to and fro” Is.24:20 (or 20:24?). And the wheat is gathered into His barn, and “on that day His feet shall stand on Mt of Olives” (Zech.14:4) from where they saw Him go up.. And so shall we (believers) be ever with the Lord..  (we are the 3rd temple?).. Our Day of Atonement being during “what’s called today” – not our choice, but His (not by merit, etc.) but because a mighty Truth proving drama/theater needs more than one (sort of) character? ..And Yhvh will be “all in all”.

2Pet.3:10 & 12,13 being bookend events of His long 2nd advent, vs 10 at His return and appearing, and 12,13 being the “all in all” event of “making ALL new”. Other mention of lake of fire in Rev. besides at these 2 events, is at the adversary’s final defeat just before “the judgment” Jesus spoke of.

Jude 7 afterall tells us exactly what ‘hellfire’ is. Not a place. But an event.

Isaiah 11:7 – “The bear will graze with the cow, and the lion will eat straw like the ox”.

And Matthew 25:46 – “..These will go away into aionian-agelasting kolasis-CORRECTION” (translated, everlasting punishment, oye!) “but the righteous into aionian life” (the millennium!)