The Burning Lake

I wonder if the first sincere Christians who ever read the Book of Revelation, had been of this modern and technological age, would the understanding of some things in the vision be much more obvious?

But it’s kind of a trick isn’t it? A riddle.. requiring one to seek, ask, knock? In their earnest pursuit of truth, second only to the pursuit of Him! A veiling of the vision (one of at least three more like it). That we must read the vision through the eyes of ancient man.

Revelation says mankind’s last, great battle will be fought in the valley outside Jerusalem. Ironically, this is the same valley where Israel, like the Canaanite nations around her “offered their sons and daughters (live) in fires to Baal-Molech”. [Wrath of God (unavoidably, but conveniently) is consequences/results?]

A last great battle, of man, with modern weaponry, over all that oil.. a “lake of burning fire”..

Earlier in the book is mentioned.. the sky is split.. there is loud noise and lightning ( – a 59 second video) the sky becomes dark.. the light of sun and moon decreased..

I believe lake of fire is mentioned three times. When Jesus returns – He “comes in fire and with angels” (2 Thess.1:7,8) and the beast, the larger of the two of chapter 13 (with “ten” divisions “in the last hour”) and the false prophet/teaching(!) are thrown into the lake of fire.

The second mention is “after the thousand years” (the millennium) when Satan is let loose for a short spell, and some of mankind – made up of survivors of the apocalypse – will “surround the camp of God at Jerusalem, but fire comes down from the sky..” and Satan is thrown to the lake of fire. This is just before the resurrection of all who have ever lived and have not believed in (or have not heard of) Jesus.

The third mention is, I believe, at the vivification “of all things” which follows “the judgment”/Judgment ‘Day’. Anyone (still?) not believing “goes to lake of fire aionian” – a Greek word used to say “of a duration” even age, age to age, but not ‘forever’, and is the root word of “eon”. Lake of fire is not ‘forever’.

“Our God is a consuming fire”.. “will consume all chaff” preserving the kernel, the wheat. “Behold I make all things new”.. “in which the elements will melt with fervent heat ..according to His promise we are waiting for a new heavens and a new Earth” ..”Behold I make all things new” ..and John “saw a new heavens and a new Earth”.. (which we are citizens of now!) – Rev.21:1-5; 2 Peter 3:12,13; Mt.3:12.


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