Apocalypse Summary

🌽To whomever has ears, to hear.

The trumpets of Revelation/Apocalypse have not yet sounded.

The first advent of Jesus had an announcement.

The ‘John the Baptist’ of His long second advent is the trumpets. [According to the pattern of the Autumn Holy Days of Lev.23, the second advent of Jesus will be two ages and will last 1500 years.]

We are in, and have been in for a while, the pause of seal six (Rev.6:12-17 and 7:1-3). But the KEY to the verse is how it is described – as a blend – of its first at Opening, and its last when it is full blown. That event was also Rev.13:13. But the KEY to that verse is, it does NOT pinpoint an individual, but an office. It is #2 ‘character’ of the chapter, who will sometime during the sounding of the trumpets, “give ‘breath’ to” the first ‘character’ of the chapter.

Lesser KEY: Chapter 12 is an insert, a history all its own.. A great sign, a virgin will conceive. In the chapter is Herod the Great; 70a.d; the inquisitions; the Mayflower; Mt.23:39; and Rev.16:14-16, the gathering of the ‘tares’ to Armageddon.

ONE more thing. The “false prophet” another prominent ‘character’ is THE false prophet/teacher/teaching which has/is causing western civilization – once called Christendom – to “fall away” from the faith, via ‘his’ “strong delusion”.

KEY – the words of the Baptist, Mt.3:1-3.. And, be a Philadelphian, Rev.3:10.

1 Jn. 4:8 – Love rules.. even during this learning of good from evil. When our Father endowed thinking ability, a whole new world, or tree, of possibilities came about, 1Tim.4:10 (Rev.3:10).


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