The Telescoping Of 3.5

There is a 3.5 in Daniel 12:11,12 with Daniel 9:27. And in Revelation, the two witnesses, lay expired in the street for 3.5 days. Revelation 12:14, the woman (believers?) kept safe from the “face of the adversary” for a 3.5.

So there seems to be three. One is 100’s; one is years, and one is days.

Thinking of eschatology and how it relates to (mingles with?) the growing idea of what’s called Universal Salvation or Christian Universalism. The belief that Jesus will draw all just as He said. (Jn.12:32) The idea that God cannot be less than totally successful at being “the savior of all”. (1Tim.4:10)’

I think perhaps, there is another 3.5 from His crucifixion and resurrection, to that day when God becomes all in all. I’ve begun to think of it as the all in all event. And coinciding with Revelation 21:1-5 when the Father makes all things new.

Now that’s the thing. Where do I get the 3.5? (Raise your hand if you know!)

Well, it’s into the 2000’s now.. since He was here (from His ascension!)

If man’s system implodes in the not far distant future, called apocalypse, and the millennium begin – and lasts a thousand years, that brings us to the 3000.

And if “the Judgment” lasts 500 years – represented by the 5 days between the Fall Holy Days, of Day Of Atonement and Tabernacles, brings it to year 3500, another 3.5.

A 3.5 between His advents.

There’s 10 days between Trumpets and Day of Atonement. (Representing the millennium?)

I think this pattern strongly suggests and supports UR /CU!

(I believe the pattern whether there’s this 3.5 between His advents, or not. Making Day of Judgment to be Day of Atonement. [UR/CU]

The playing out like a telescoping.. 3.5 being used as days, as years, as centuries, and as millenniums.


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