The Idea Of Life Is So Weird

I could be an atheist. I mean the whole idea of life is so weird! As a matter of fact, it’s very weird that there is anything. It seems like there ought to be nothing. Why should there be anything?

Let alone life, all this life. But then, if there truly was nothing. How did there ever get to be something or anything?

No I’d have to be Hindu I think, seeing the spirit of life in all things.. It’s an energy.. Like electricity.. And like the energizer bunny it goes on and on.. It can’t simply cease. But what about a cause.. I’d have to become a Brahmin.. But wait, I was one for a little while when I was in the Rocky Mountains..

Then became apparent the imperfection of what is, and of all things. And so there’s another why, because it seems as though the spirit of life (flowing through all) should not be liable to imperfection.

What was that story about a tree of good and evil..? Does the existence of individual creatures, with rationality, change the fabric of reality? Able to think and reason, they can make choices. This changes everything!

Taking into account the potential perfection of what is, and the perfection of the spark and force called life.. Am I now to think there is no perfection behind this imperfection? If there must be a great cause (brahma) that so perfectly gives life and design, do I now expect humanity to simply be some sort of utter failure? Or is it still part of some greater perfection and design? Can the (‘end’) result be anything less than perfect? Is it possible for chaos to win out? To win even a speck? Or is there something to the promise, “behold I make ALL things new” and how the newness shall be “all in all” and death and the grave (translated hell) will be no more…

Build Your Own Monastery (Inner!)

The 3 R’s of Christian Universalism are –

  • Universal Repentance
  • Universal Reconciliation
  • Universal Renewal (Born-again)

“All” will Repent (Ps.22:27; Isaiah 45:23) — “All” will be Reconciled (1 Tim.4:10; Jn.12:32) — “All” will be Renewed / “Born Again” (1 Corinthians 15:22–>28; Rev.21:1-5)

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